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Talking Ghost Cities At The University Of Waterloo

I spoke at the INDEV urbanization conference at the University of Waterloo in Canada last month.

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I was a speaker at the INDEV Urbanization conference at the University of Waterloo in Canada on February 27th. It was an incredibly well run event. I gave an overview of China’s urbanization process during my half hour talk and then answered some questions in a panel discussion. There was a nice big, really engaged crowd, everything went smoothly, the food was good, the other speakers were interesting, and I was able to meet with many of the people in the audience afterward I did my events — which is one of the best parts.

Wade Shepard at University of Waterloo Wade Shepard INDEV Conference urbanization
Wade Shepard speaking China urbaization Wade Shepard ad INDEV conference

I should be speaking at Boston University about the New Silk Road on two occasions next month.

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