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Surprise Travel: A Weekend at a Surprise Destination

A new way to travel?

A growing number of passionate, open-minded travelers today decides to explore new and inspiring destinations through surprise travel packages. More and more spontaneous travelers who are looking for a life-changing experience choose this new and innovative way of traveling. Surprise trips usually involve a three or four-day weekend at a surprise destination.

The weekend packages normally go from Friday to Sunday. However, you can always book a long-weekend surprise gateway for the added cost, of course. Also, you can either book a trip for yourself or you can go with a gift trip as a surprise for another person.

Surprise getaways provide a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and grow while having the best time of your life. In addition, surprise weekend retreats are your chance to visit the places you would otherwise never explore. With Next-Where, you can travel to one of over 60 possible destinations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

A surprise destination is a city that your surprise company chooses for your trip. The packages are usually starting right at $499 per person and the price typically includes departure and return flights as well as accommodation.

All stays are in hand-picked 2-3+ star hotels in good locations.

How Does the Process of Booking the Surprise Trip Look Like?

  1. You select the number of travelers and the departure city and state. If you don’t have a passport to travel outside the United States you will be sent to destinations in the U.S. only.
  2. Select the weekend you want to travel.
  3. Adjust any time restrictions that you might have. Additional fee applies.
  4. Eliminate the destinations you wouldn’t want to visit. Once you indicate your city of origin, you will be able to see all the possible surprise destinations. Removing up to two destinations is for free. For any additional destination deleting requests, an extra fee applies.

Since this is a mystery travel, you cannot choose a destination city when booking a surprise trip. But that is the beauty of surprise travel – Next-Where is sending you to a weekend journey with a twist! Not knowing your destination will transform yet another trip into an adventure. However, a surprise travel booking process usually allows you to eliminate cities you don’t want to visit after you see all the possible surprise destinations.

When Will You Know Your Destination?

The surprise destination is normally revealed forty-eight hours before your departure. Travelers are informed about their destination via email and via the mobile app. In addition, you may we receive a surprise box via mail. Still, you should refrain from peeking until the last minute!

When going on a surprise weekend, your flight and accommodation information as well as a necessary portfolio for transfers and information of interest are also sent to you forty-eight hours prior to your departure, so you can check-in to your corresponding flights and accommodation.

Travel App

Before you pack and go, you usually get an app with software mapping and your travel details, including your flight times and numbers, and an assigned hotel with a map and directions. Furthermore, in the same app you have access to a city guide, a support chat to get in contact with an agent and an interactive hunt that will have you following clues around the city unlocking tasks and surprises.

A Few Quick Tips Before You Pack and Go

Firstly, make sure that you have a valid ID and/or passport. Also, it is always a good idea to scan and email yourself all your travel documents once we send them to you. Once you scan and email your passport, flight, and accommodation information and other details of interest, open the email on your computer or telephone to make sure you can access them even if you are online.

Since you are going on a weekend surprise getaway, you may want to bring only a carry-on with you. This will save you time at the airport since you don’t have check-in baggage with you. Also, taking only the carry on with you will eliminate the possibility that airlines lose your luggage and save you from useless stress.  Just make sure that the dimensions of your carry-on are within the allowed limits.

Furthermore, make a checklist to easier track all the items you need to pack for your surprise trip.

And if you get anxious about your destination…

That is completely normal. Although the whole idea of this type of travel is that surprise and mystery will be part of your experience, you can request the travel company to reveal the destination earlier. However, this usually cannot be before the Monday prior to your trip as that would spoil the surprise of an unexpected destination.

Surprise weekend gateways dare you to enjoy a city break different from everything you have experienced before. Yes, mystery travel is a new and unique opportunity to travel around America and abroad and explore new destinations in an original way.

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