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Study French or German in Europe

Studying European languages in the countries where they are spoken is the best way to truly acquire speaking and comprehension skills. As the world continues to become ever more globalized, the ability to speak many different languages is becoming ever more important. As the businesses of Europe expand all over the globe, knowing how to speak French and German are great skills to have in order to increase your employment opportunities. While there are many ways to learn a foreign language, complete immearsion in the country where the language is spoken is by far the most expedient route to fluency. Below are some tips for going to Europe to study French or German.

Study French While in France

ESL Language Schools offers French courses in France, which consist of instruction in at all levels in their Lyon school. French is truly a prime language to learn for international travel and business, and is an official language of 29 countries and 12 dependent entities spread across four continents. French is also the second most studied foreign language in the world, so you will find yourself in good company learning to speak it on location in France.

Study German in Germany

German is another prime languages to learn how speak, and studying it while in Germany is the best way to do this. There are many programs that offer university instruction, adult courses, and private classes in the German language that are spread across the country. Or, if you are a junior or teenager, you can even go to summer camp in Germany!

Both France and Germany are part of the Schengen Zone of Europe, meaning that nationals from the visa exempt countries (including the USA and Canada) can receive a 90 day stay upon arrival, which is often enough time to engange in a comple course of language study. So enroll in a course, jump on a plane, and become immearsed in a foreign language ASAP!