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  • Let’s Get Going!

    I opened this account probably about a month ago and haven’t really done a damn thing with it yet. The point of this blog is for me to track my progress on my eventual departure from the U.S.. This blog is an exercise in trying to remain in contact with as many people as possible. [...]

  • Pennies a Day Travel Saving Strategy

    The Pennies a Day Method of Saving Travel funds — Do you have pocket change? Then you can travel. Much of the information on Vagabond Journey.com is geared towards the traveling lifestyle. I know that any sort of lifestyle requires sacrifices that not every person is willing to make. Many of the how to save [...]

  • Travel and Work on Farms

    Traveling on the Path of the Sedentary– In a Biblical sense, the act of farming was the great metaphor for sedentarization. And thus man ceased wandering, took up the hoe, and walled himself into cities. In a momentary expression of my new found — though ultimately, temporary — sendentarization, I took up work on an [...]

  • Live in your Car to Save Travel Funds

    Sleep in Car to Save Money to Travel — This entry is a part of a series about how to make and save money to travel. How to make money for traveling When saving for travel, I know that I need to cut down on all expenses; I know that I need to live as [...]

  • How to Save Money for Travel

    How to Save Money for Traveling “It is far easier to save $20 than it is to make $20.” – Andy the Hobotraveler.com. This is the mantra of the modern traveler. Anyone who wishes to travel the world should chant this line over and over again every single day. As I wait in the USA [...]

  • Work at Labor Ready for Travel Funds

    Question: How do you make money to travel the world? Answer: By any means possible. I am not joking. There is scarcely such thing as not being able to find a job in countries like the USA. When I hear people say this, I really hear: “I can not find a job that I want [...]