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  • Last Days in the U.S.

    My last day of work  was on Friday and I have packed up my car ready to drive back to eastern Pennsylvania.  For the foreseeable future my time is my own and I can do with it what I want.  I have no monthly bills, no debt and my daily obligations mostly consist of figuring [...]

  • Things I’ll Miss in Cleveland

    After living in Cleveland for four years there are plenty of things I’ve liked and disliked about living here. Cleveland Winters being number 1 on the ‘Dislike List’. At this time I don’t plan on moving back to Cleveland when I get back from traveling so here is a short list of things that I [...]

  • The Gear I’ll Be Hauling

    I’ve spent countless numbers of hours thinking about which items I should take with me.  I’ll admit that I probably spent too many hours thinking about this as I’ll probably get rid of or change the items in my pack within the first month of using them. Some I’ll find useless. Others inadequate. With a [...]

  • Invincible!

    Well, I’m not really invincible, although, I should be with the number of needles stuck into me and pills I’ve taken in the past six months. Before I leave in August I thought I should have a pre-departure doctor’s visit. Everything checks out and I’m good to. I figured it would be but I might [...]

  • One Way Ticket Outta Here

    Reality sets in. I’m actually going to do this. I will be leaving on this trip. I purchased a one-way ticket to Mexico city. Return date: Not a clue. While I’ve been preparing for this trip for many months now the reality of it is now just beginning to hit me. In the past this [...]

  • Bureaucratic Red Tape & My Car

    One thing I’m not getting rid of before I leave is my car. My dad convinced me otherwise and I think it’s the right decision. He agreed to take care of my car when I’m gone so it makes it a no-brainer to keep it. This seemed fine but I have run into a few [...]

  • Bicycle Travel How to Get Started

    Question:What gear does someone need to travel long distances on a bicycle? What kind of bike do you recommend? Luke’s Answer: Cycling is a great way to travel on a really low budget. If you combine cycling with camping you will have an independent and free lifestyle that lets you see another side of many places. [...]

  • Purging

    It’s time. Time to start getting rid of ‘my stuff’ in earnest. If I’m going to be on the road for an extended period of time I don’t want to have to pay to store everything that currently furnishes my apartment. I also find that to be ridiculous since this stuff has no real significant [...]

  • Waiting…

    It’s only January! With each passing day, week, and month my desire to leave Cleveland and start traveling grows stronger. I need to wait until July to have my desired travel funds and to also give myself time to prepare but I want to go now. It doesn’t help that its 15 degrees outside and [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork Good for Travelers

    This is a travelogue entry about how doing archaeology fieldwork is a good profession to get into if you want to travel. As with other traveling contract jobs, archaeologists in the USA get their living expenses on the road paid for them in addition to their standard pay. Doing archaeology is a good way to [...]