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St Martin’s Day In Prague

I guess it takes a get drunk in the park festival to get me out of the house these days.

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic- “I feel so bad for you. You used to be a travel blogger and you used too enjoy going out and seeing cultural things.”

My wife said that to me yesterday. I think she was just trying to twist the knife, but she has a point. She only sees me when I’m processing content. When I’m out traveling and collecting it I’m usually on my own. It’s the two phases of making a living as a traveling creator: one without the other leaves you unemployed and under-accomplished. Travel without working is a vacation; working without traveling leaves you with nothing to publish. Making a living as a traveling writer means long hours sitting in a room at a laptop. It’s not really what most people expect, but that’s the way it has to be.

However, the timing of my wife’s critique was a little off. I’d just come back from doing a little filming at the St. Martin’s Festival in Prague. This is basically a harvest festival — the “Thanksgiving of Europe” — where people get together, listen to live music, watch a guy ride around on a white horse — foreshadowing the coming snow — eat goose, and drink massive amounts of wine.

“It’s a get drunk in the park festival,” my wife summed up.

It really was.

As far as holidays go, this one ranked up there with those in Mexico. Everybody was smiling, singing, dancing — looking over their shoulders one last time at another summer fading away into the distance.

It’s time for winter now.

Video of the St. Martin’s festival


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