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Solo: A Travel Story – These are the best places to travel alone

There is big upside when traveling to these places by yourself.

Going solo is one of the big trends in global travel. Whether you’re after a walk on the Wild side, Cheryl Strayed-style, or a more leisurely, cultural experience taking in one of the world’s great cities, traveling alone gives you a sense of freedom you just won’t find when there’s someone else on hand with their own list of must-see sights and dinner preferences. Here are some of the top places to check out on your own.


Paris is one of the most iconic cities in the world. It’s teeming with world-famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and packed out with less famous sights such as the Pantheon that in any other city would be a headline attraction. More importantly, it’s a dense city that rewards walking with beautiful spots nestled in unassuming nooks and crannies. Museums are among the top attractions for solo travellers and Paris doesn’t disappoint on that front either, with the likes of the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay offering feasts for your eyes and brain.


For those looking for adventure, Nepal is an ideal place to tackle a trek. Although the country has recently been hit by earthquakes, many of the regions most famous for hiking have been unaffected and could really benefit from some tourist spending. Travelling on foot is a great way to get up close with traditional mountain culture, and with plenty of comfy teahouses and places to buy food along the way you don’t have to do it burdened by tons of gear. Experienced hikers can go it alone, or porters and organised groups can smooth make life easier and more companionable for those not wanting to fly entirely solo.


Cuba’s having a bit of a moment for tourism. With the politics of the region shifting and the country beginning to open up to the world, it’s easier than ever to visit but yet to be overrun by the trappings of tourism. Homestays are a brilliant way to see the country’s crumbling colonial architecture, and with a low crime rate you can enjoy the company of locals without being anxious about flying solo. Go experience Cuba’s back street cafes and artisan shops while the travel’s easy and Starbucks has yet to get a foothold on every corner.

New York City

New York has something for everyone. That makes it a strong candidate for being one of those destinations that has groups pulling each other in every direction under the sun and no-one getting to see the things they really want to. So why not ditch the travelling companions and make your own hit-list? Whether you want to see brilliant theatre; eat cutting-edge, world-class food, take in amazing art or just walk around gawping up at the buildings, it’s a city you can really make your own.

Sri Lanka

Another spot just discovering its own potential as a travel destination, Sri Lanka offers stunning coast and deserted, undeveloped hill country. With tourism still a relatively recent development, it’s pretty affordable as countries with beautiful beaches and tropical lagoons go. If you want to see some of the harder to reach spots without getting behind the wheel of a car yourself (the roads get a little crazy) it’s reasonably cheap to just hire a driver and make it up as you go along, whether you’re looking for remote forests or a shady spot to enjoy paradise from.

Whether you’re looking for culture, adventure or a big city buzz, travelling solo makes it easier to have the experience you want and a taste of freedom it’s difficult to find any other way.


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