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Six Helpful Tips for Staying Organized When You’re Traveling

How to keep it together when on the road.

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The more organized you are when you travel, the smoother everything will be.

Here are six helpful tips to follow to ensure you stay organized on your next trip. 

1. Find Out in Advance Where Luggage Lockers Are

If you are planning to travel for a few months or more, you will probably use a self-storage facility to ensure your belongings are safe while you are away. And when you use an online self-storage search platform, it is easy to find a local facility. For instance, on this site, you can search for self storage in San Antonio near you 

Even though you will want to travel with the bare minimum, lugging a backpack or suitcase around can still get tiresome; especially during those times when you are not yet booked into your hotel but want to explore a place for the day. 

In such circumstances, you will not need an entire self-storage space, but you will want to store your bag in a locker. In some places, small stores will store your luggage for a small fee, too. 

It is a good idea to find out where baggage storage is available in any destination you are planning to visit before you arrive. 

2. Organize Your Travel Information

The more organized you are in keeping all of your travel information in one place and in order, the easier it will be to avoid potential problems. 

You should keep an online folder that contains all of the information you need to know for your trip and update the folder as you progress with your journey. 

But you should also keep a print-out of the folder documents, in case you find yourself in the back of beyond without an internet connection.  

To stay organized while traveling, ensure you keep and update information like:

  • Your itinerary, including timelines, hotel contact information, and confirmation numbers for things like accommodation, tours, and buses.
  • Visa information.
  • Flight confirmations.
  • Excursion confirmations.
  • Auto rental confirmations.
  • General important information about the country you are visiting. 

3. Roll Your Clothes

You will want to travel light. When it comes to packing your clothes, you can stay organized and save space in your bag by rolling your clothing rather than folding it. 

Rolling minimizes wrinkling in your clothes, too; which commonly happens if you keep folded clothes in a backpack. 

4. Keep a Bag for Your Laundry

You will need to launder your clothes while you are traveling. If you do not stay on top of sorting your clean clothes from your dirty clothing, you will soon run into problems. 

Stay organized by simply using a bag for your dirty laundry. Always remember to put any dirty laundry into the bag so that your clean and dirty clothes do not get mixed up. 

5. Get Rid of Trash Before it Accumulates

When traveling, it is commonplace to pick up things like leaflets for restaurants, tour brochures, bottles of water, and local maps. 

You will not want to hold on to anything that you do not need or want. Therefore, to stay organized, make sure you routinely go through your bags and pockets each night and discard any unwanted stuff before it starts to accumulate. 

6. Get the Things You Need the Night Before You Need Them

If you know you will need to buy things the next day, buy them straight away. 

For instance, if you are heading off on a twelve-hour bus journey and you need to buy food and water beforehand, purchase it the night before. If you do not, you could potentially go hungry or thirsty once you realize there is no time to buy things before the bus leaves. 


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