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Singapore: Soothing Stopover for the Smart Traveler

Why Singapore’s Changi Airport is so good.

We all know that air travel can be stressful. Apart from the jet lag and time difference, people may be faced with the disappointing cancellation, delays or traffic jam hassles. However, some of the best airports in the world are working hard to change this. When you get a visa express you will probably understand that Changi Airport is different.
The airport is also known to be one of the best in the world when it comes to dealing with layovers. Its focus is to make those who have been affected remain comfortable to the extent that they forget the time inconveniences. Just to make you understand why Changi deserves a medal, it has been voted as one of the best airports in the world not once or twice but numerous times. So, let us focus on how a smart traveler will benefit from having a stopover in Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Efficient Immigration System

Whether you are connecting flights or dealing with an emergency that requires a stopover, you will have to go through the immigration department. What makes it worse is that such a process is painful, yet it is not your destination. Stopping at Changi will be the easiest stopover you have ever made.

Their immigration processes are seamlessly efficient, quick and use the latest technology. You do not have to unpack all your luggage for searches because Singapore has the best luggage screening scanners. All you need is 30 minutes, and you will be ready to board the plane or be escorted to the waiting lounge. Clearing and checking in luggage are only for people traveling on budget airlines, but they can all attest that it is a smooth process.

More reports indicate that five minutes is all you need to clear with the immigration desk after the luggage screening. It becomes easier if the smart traveler has all the qualifications for traveling to Singapore.

Tranquil Lounges

Most air trips tire people because they are long. Any opportunity to relax even for a few minutes is what most people long for. If you have to transfer to another flight or experience a layover while in Singapore, then you can choose to relax in one of the many lounges in the airport. They have various garden lounges at all the terminals, which are not only tranquil but also make Changi a relaxing hub.

The eateries and different bars will serve you the best foods and beverages to fuel you for the remainder of the journey. This all takes place while breathing the fresh air and enjoying the great views of Singapore’s city life. There is no better word to describe these lounges than the home of tranquility.

Smart Traveler’s Amenities

Changi takes care of all the travelers in need of smart technologies. Whether you need a phone charging outlet or a corner to continue with your business on your PC, you will find it. They also provide hotspot zones for people to browse the web as they wait for their flights.

Singapore deserves to be one of the best stopovers for a smart traveler. You are likely to enjoy Changi Airport more than your destination airport.


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  • whitemonkeytravels February 5, 2018, 11:45 pm

    Sure is!! and if u’ve got a few hours. you have time to get to Bugis, grab some cheap food and back in time for boarding. KLIA on the other hand sucks! across the board. miles from anywhere. mosquitoes and no good place to nap w/o getting moved on like a vagrant by jumped up shit for brains security staff

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