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Signs that your elders need to move to an assisted living facility

How to prepare your elders for the final journey.

Old people

At a certain point in life, we all need someone who can care for us and who can assist us. When we get old, it becomes difficult to live on our own. If you have your parents who are getting old or other elders in your family and you are confused as to whether they should move in with you then here are some signs that you should help them — perhaps by moving them to your home with trusted movers who have experience in helping elders move to assisted facilities.

How to tell if an elder requires additional care? Look for these signs:

  • When more frequent medical care is needed 

When they have a chronic condition where there are few chances of improvement and needs someone who can handle the medical bills and take him/her for the checkup and so on.

  • When the condition of a chronic disease worsens

This means that their immune system has weakened and now they need more care. Give them full care by moving them to assisted living so that their health can be improved and they can feel better.

  • If they forget to take their prescribed medicines as instructed by the doctor 

If they are not capable to remember their medicines that is not good for their health. Live with them so you can be sure that they get the proper medicines at the right time as prescribed by the doctor.

  • Can’t they afford to take medicines according to the doctor’s orders?

This is the age when they can’t perform many tasks. If you find that they are not taking their medicines properly or on time because they are afraid to pay the high bills then it is time to bring them to your home and take care of their medicines.

  • Are they unable to perform the daily activities

If they find it difficult to do all their personal tasks on their own then there really need your help and you should assist them, which is possible only when you bring them to your home.

  • If they suffering from the memory loss 

Sometimes our elders start to be forgetful and they start forgetting some important things. When you see the signs of cognitive impairments then it is a sign that they need to live with you so that you can keep track of all the important things that they forget.

  • When they do not eat properly

If they can’t put in the effort and mostly consume frozen meals or takeout meals then they require your help. If they are not getting proper food and they are losing or gaining their weight rapidly that is a sign that they need you. In the condition when they are facing lots of health issues because they are not eating the essential foods, you should take care of them. Talk to them and take them to the doctor immediately so that their health can be improved.

  • Change in mood and behavior 

If they seem upset all the time and if there is a sudden change in the behavior then it is a sign that they need you. If they have become more aggressive in nature then chances are that they need your love, care, and attention. It is a sign that they require someone to talk and to take care of them.

  • If their friends and neighbors show concern for you 

If someone who is very close to them has expressed that they are not living properly and they require help then you should take that seriously.

How does assisted living help?

When you decide that your elders require the assisted living then it is important to give them a helping hand. Just make sure that they move to your home to get care. If seniors live alone then this can cause many health issues, like depression, mortality, and addiction. That is why it is time when you should care for them.

If you really care for your family and want to give them love and care all round the year, round the clock then nothing could be a more ideal option then moving in with them.

Conclusion: In all the above conditions, you should give them assisted living. If you find any of the above circumstances then it is time to hire movers right now and bring your elder family members to your home and give them all the things they require, including emotional love, care, and affection. No matter whether they are old and have a chronic disease you should take up the action immediately.

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