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Reasons To Move To Berlin

Why you should move to Berlin.

Berlin is a great place to travel whether for work or studies. It offers health insurance for both local and international visitors. Their transport is smooth with buses, cabs, and trains, it all depends on where you want to travel across Berlin. Renting a room in the city is quite expensive, it is due to the high demand for houses by students and employees. When you find one, it’s costly which makes it hard for one to live individually. Below are facts that you need to know when you choose to visit Berlin.

It’s Lifestyle

Berlin being the capital city of Germany has more than four million people living in it, from student to homeowners and so on. Its lifestyle is unique because it offers multicultural activities from nightlife to sports where people get to enjoy a different type of night experience from dancing to street food. Their sporting events are like handball, hockey, and football.

It has unique architectures and art which date from the world war, these sites are preserved for tourist, and there are museums also which have art facts which were used during the war. Berlin itself offers democracy and freedom to its residents both local and international.


Transport in Berlin is never a problem. Students and interns can purchase tickets which last up to six months; one can use this tickets to board any means of transport in the region except planes. There are different types of transportation like the S-Bahn, metro, buses, and trams; one can also use a bicycle since the town has become safer to ride through. Student tickets are cheaper compared to everyday purchase which makes it easier for students to rent far and travel efficiently. How to move Berlin cheap is determined by the location you want to go, one can use a plane to visit neighboring cities, and one can use buses.

Savor Life

As rooms for rent Berlin is expensive, it is also cheap; this depends on where you want to live. The first thing the government requires is that one gets an insurance cover to cater for medical issues and so on. If you’re going to discover different things, there is no limitation. Students enjoy a relatively cheap lifestyle; tickets are offered to students at a lower cost from buses, sporting activities, theatre, parties, and museums. When you enroll at to a club, it comes with other benefits; one can even win a scholarship to study in another university or to join a particular club.

Startup Businesses

Investors have developed an interest in Berlin, there are small startup businesses in Berlin, and its rate is expected to rise in the next few years, this means that more than one hundred thousand jobs will be created for people living in Berlin and those who would want to work in Berlin. Residents are welcoming which has made most businesses to rise shortly after starting up.

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