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Sharing Is Caring – Ideas On How To Explore The Levels Of Your Possessiveness

How to open your relationship, even while traveling.


Possessiveness is a trait that’s exhibited by a lot of people, unfortunately. Most people’s possessiveness is rooted in their childhood somewhere. If you are a person that’s overly possessive and wants to learn to share, then you’re on the right track. People who are possessive tend to be selfish, too. Selfish people can be very hard to live with and be friends with, which means that your possessiveness could impact any relationships that you have in the future.

This post will explore a few ideas for how you can learn to share more and be less possessive: 

Exploring Cuckoldry

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Listen More

One of the best ways to overcome selfishness is to listen more. When you understand other people’s points of view, it’s a lot easier to stop being selfish and withholding things from people. You need to take in what they are saying and try to emphasize with the people who are asking you for things or trying to use your things. If you really listen to them, then you will be able to sympathize with them. One of the main reasons that people don’t share their things is because they don’t understand other people’s emotions.

Evaluate Yourself

Why aren’t you sharing? It is important to conduct a self-evaluation if you want to overcome your selfishness. Selfishness is often something that’s picked up when a person is a child and is then carried into adulthood. If you want to identify what’s causing your selfishness (which will be explored in the next section), then think back to your childhood and see if your selfishness is rooted in any events there. Sometimes children who grow up without siblings go on to be selfish because they aren’t used to having to share their things with people.

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Recognize Causes

If your selfishness isn’t rooted in your childhood, then it could be because of a traumatic event, such as being made homeless at a young age. People who have been through hardships in life can develop selfishness as a defense mechanism. If you have been in danger in the past, then perhaps you are selfish now because your brain is trying to prevent you from losing your things and being put back in that situation again. If you are able to identify the causes of your selfishness, then it will be easier for you to stop it.

Shared Decisions

If you have a partner that you live with, then try to make shared decisions with them. Selfishness isn’t just a refusal to share one’s belongings, it is also a refusal to allow people to have any say in their own life, which is unfortunately common in relationships where one person is possessive and selfish. If you are possessive, and it’s causing you to upset your partner or try to stop them from making decisions in your relationship, then it’s a very good idea to see a counselor. The causes of this level of selfishness are often deep-rooted and need to be addressed professionally before any meaningful changes can be made.

Control Yourself

When you notice yourself being selfish, control yourself. You won’t ever be able to make any behavioral changes or overcome your selfishness until you begin to control yourself and stop yourself from behaving immaturely and selfishly. With that said, sometimes it is important to be selfish, such as if you are down to your last $10 and somebody asks to borrow it. Make sure that you still look out for your best interests. You should never put yourself in positions where you are in danger of not eating or losing out on money because you think that it would be selfish not to.

When a person’s selfish, it can be very hard to be friends with them or to be in a relationship with them. If you are a person that’s very selfish, then it’s time to change that. Becoming less selfish can significantly improve your relationships with other people.

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