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Serbia Travel Guide

This is an extreme budget travel guide to Serbia. Learn how to travel this country cheaply, find work, and not go broke. Use this guide to help you prepare for your travels to Serbia. It contains a country overview, budget travel tips, as well as suggested destinations.

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Serbia is a country in the Balkans. Part of the former Yugoslavia, it is bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia. Serbia is almost 77,500 square kilometers, with a population of over 7,000,000 people. Serbian is the main language and Serbian Orthodox Christian is the main religion. Belgrade is the capital of this republic nation. The official currency is the Serbian Dinar. The southern territory of Kosovo is considered an autonomous nation by the UN and many Western countries, not, however by Serbia, and it may be difficult to travel back to Serbia if you have been in Kosovo. Be sure to research this when planning your trip.

Map of Serbia

Budget Travel Tips

Serbia is a European country with European prices. Dorm beds can cost 10 Euros in Belgrade. If you avoid fancy restaurants, food isn’t too expensive. Cook in your hostel and buy cold food to make sandwiches to save money. There is a good transportation infrastructure in Serbia including international buses and trains. Expect to spend $25-$30 a day on a shoestring budget.

Recommended Destinations

Belgrade is a beautiful capital city. Easy to walk around with two big rivers. It is a pleasent place to sit around in coffee shops and stroll down pedestrian walkways. Novi Sad is the second biggest city and is home to the EXIT music festival.

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