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  • Travel Safety: An Introduction

    The primer to a new series on travel safety, written by long-term travelers.

  • The Truth on the Ground: Reality vs. the Media in Thailand

    To really find out what’s going on somewhere, head to the source.

  • Colombian Buses – Let Me Explain Why I Despise You

    Taganga, Colombia – For the last three weeks my dislike of the buses in Colombia had been growing but I’m done with even trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Every trip on a bus leaves me disappointed in some way. I have yet to have a bus ride that’s enjoyable and today [...]

  • Howsar Quick Lock Review

    The Howsar Quick Lock is a device to lock a door from the inside for additional security. It can be used to compliment the lock that is already on the door or in place of a lock for a door that is missing one altogether. This little gadget is truly a travel essential. Our review [...]

  • Latacunga’s Mama Negra Festival

    Latacunga, Ecuador- I write this listening to the party continue outside. I should go out and join the party but I’m fiesta-ed out. It’s Sunday and the party began on Friday continuing on until Monday which once again proves that anything worth celebrating in Latin America is worth celebrating for multiple days. I know the [...]

  • Sprigs – Banjee Wrist Wallet Review

    We at VJT are always fans of an innovative product, and when I saw these Banjee wrist wallets, I knew we just had to review them. Dawn, who runs Sprigs the company behind the Banjee, has been kind enough to send us one of each size to put through its paces. The Banjee Wrist Wallets [...]

  • Screw Pop Tool Review

    This nifty little tool is brought to us from Screwpoptool for the bargain price of $5.95 if you buy direct from the Screwpoptool website or prices vary from other retailers. This clever little gadget which fits easily onto a keyring and weighs only 2 ounces contains: Phillips Screwdriver #2 Flat head Screwdriver #2 1/4” Hex. [...]

  • Professional Thievery

    Buenos Aires, Argentina – It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Buenos Aires. Mid 80’s. Sunny blue sky. The street cafes were full and people were lying in the park sunbathing. I took a trip to Recoleta to visit the cemetery and stroll through the parks. I was thoroughly enjoying my day with a smile [...]

  • Robbed on Lake Atitlan

    Jaibalito, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala – Setup: Yesterday I moved from San Pedro to Jaibalito with the sole purpose of getting a better view of the lake and to do some hiking in the hills surrounding the lake. While eating dinner I met another American named Angelo who had recently moved to Jaibilito for at least [...]

  • Mexico City: Why I’m Going And Is It Really That Bad?

    Friends and family have looked at me a bit stragely as I’ve told them that I’m starting my travels in Mexico.  I then tell them I’m starting in Mexico City and they think I’m nuts.  They inevitably tell me that I’m going to get robbed or kidnapped and to not call them when it happens.  [...]