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Schengen Zone

  • Iceland Visa

    Although not yet a part of the European Union, Iceland is a part of the dreaded Schengen immigration zone. This means that travelers from the USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia are only given 90 days to visit Iceland and the 24 other countries of the region, and visitors from other countries are often given less time.

  • Belgium Visa

    Belgium is part of the Schengen Zone, which means that your visa for Belgium is good for all of the countries in the immigration group and vice versa. So time spent in France will count towards your total in Belgium etc…

  • Tourist Visa After a Residency Permit in the Schengen Zone

    How to receive a tourist visa after a residency permit in the Schengen zone Well, when those residency permits end so does your right to be in the Schengen zone. While the bad news is that while you can’t change from a residency permit to a tourist visa from within the zone, the good news [...]

  • Schengen Visa Questions

    Questions, advice, and information about Europe’s Schengen visa I have been asked hundreds — if not thousands — of questions about the Schengen visa of Europe over the years and have heard testimonies from tons of travelers who have overstayed this visa, are planning to overstay, are trying to marry a European, and are, in [...]