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Santoka Taneda Travel Haiku and Quotes

The following collection of quotes are from the Japanese haiku poet and wanderer, Santoka Taneda. These haiku really pick me up and set my feet back a wandering whenever I begin to feel a little down. If you know of any additional Santoka Taneda quotes, haiku, or links please submit them below. Thanks! Submit links and comments to this page! Publish your relevant link, comment, or information below.

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Santoka Taneda Quotes and Poems:

"Do not be attached to the past or wait for the future. Be grateful for each day, that is enough. I do not believe in a future world, I deny the past. I believe entirely in the present. Employ your entire body and mind in the eternal now."
-Santoka Taneda

"Too much contact with people brings conflict, hatred, and attachment. To rid myself of inner conflicts and hatred, I must walk."-Santoka Taneda

"One breath, one step, one verse."-Santoka Taneda

"How can you be a beggar if you have extra money?"-Santoka Taneda

"One room, one person, one light, one desk, one bath, and one cup of sake."-Santoka Taneda

"My life has been a continuous waste. I pour sake. Out of it are born my haiku."-Santoka Taneda

"Haiku is not a shriek, a howl, a sigh, or a yawn; rather, it is the deep breath of life."-Santoka Taneda
Santoka Teneda Haiku:

Oh cricket!                                        

There is enough rice, at least

for tomorrow


Wet with morning dew

I go in the direction I want


There is nothing I can do;

I walk on and on


Hidden away in

A broken down hut,

My broken down life


These few ashes

Are all that remain

Of my diary


Today, still alive;

I stretch out my feet


Birds in the rain-

They have nothing to eat


Soaking wet-

I can’t read the letters

On the sign post


Pricks and pussies

Bowling together

In the overcrowded bath


The evening shower clears up;

I go into the tomato field to eat


That was my face

In the cold mirror


Sitting alone

Silently, in the mosquito net,

Eating my rice


Alone on New Year’s Day-

There is mochi and sake

And . . .


Baggage I cannot throw off,

So heavy front and back

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