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RV Friendly Cities to Stop at on Your Next Road Trip

How to find the best places to travel to in an RV.

When vacation time rolls around, one of the best bonding experiences for your family is to take a road trip. Using an RV allows everyone to spend time together, while also allowing you to have your own space, especially if you’re using a spacious 6 berth caravan. When you’re traveling, you want to visit RV-friendly cities, as it’ll make the trip that much more enjoyable. You’ll want to utilize a GPS for navigation lest you get lost. Check for a comparison of the best models.

Everyone has their list of most attractive cities for an RV, but they usually involve several of the same features. You want an area with available parking for your RV or camping trailer, as well as plenty to do in the surrounding area, such as hiking trails or amusement parks. You likely also want a place with great food to try, from Chicago deep dish pizzas to Nashville hot chicken.

Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital is full of things to interest everyone in the family. You’ll find different options for parking, including the Union Station parking garage, which has several oversize vehicle parking spots. You can only stay for a day or two here, but you could also look into Cherry Hill Park for RVs. They even offer a shuttle if you’re camping in your RV without a separate car.

Washington, D.C. has plenty to offer with some of the best museums in the world. Many of the locations are free to visit, which is especially helpful if you are on a budget. You can check out the Smithsonian Museum complex, with all buildings free to attend. If you like animals, there’s also the National Zoo, which has everything from naked mole rats to pandas. You’ll find plenty of food options, with food trucks abounding while you explore the city.

Orlando, FL

One of the entertainment capitals of the world, Orlando is home to several RV parks. One of the popular places to stay is Sherwood Forest RV Resort, which does tend to fill up rather often. There’s plenty of room in the resort for you to spread out and meet new people. The resort also has three pools that you can enjoy while you’re staying at the RV park.

In addition to places to stay, Orlando has lots to see and do. Home to Universal Studios Florida, Legoland, and Disney World, it’s an amusement lovers paradise. There are also museums and experiences to explore, and you’re only a couple hours away from natural areas such as the Everglades National Park outside of Miami.

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is incredibly famous for people to visit, and RV drivers can enjoy all that the bustling city has to offer. There are RV parks in the town located close to the Strip so you won’t have to stay in a hotel. One RV park is the Las Vegas RV resort. It has oversized spots you can reserve for your RV if you have a big rig. This location is also pet-friendly and has plenty of amenities, such as full hookups for your RV.

Las Vegas offers a bounty of options for those who want to explore nature or stay inside out of the sun. The Hoover Dam, Red Rock National Park, and the Grand Canyon are all easy for you to get to. If you are interested in gambling, check out the casinos and gamble with a hand or two of poker. Las Vegas also has museums including the Mob Museum, which looks at the gritty history of Las Vegas.

Anchorage, AK

If you’re looking to explore the far reaches of the United States, you might want to check out Anchorage, Alaska. This city is very RV friendly and offers a variety of options for parking overnight. Some schools even let you park on their campus in exchange for your keeping an eye out on the property while no one is around overnight. You can also look at staying in a Fred Meyer carpark.

Staying in Anchorage offers plenty of access to explore the beautiful wilds of Alaska. You can check out the Portage Glacier and travel outside of the city to enjoy some hiking trails. While you spend time in Anchorage, you’ll want to explore all that the Cook Inlet has to offer, from exploring the active volcano Mount Redoubt to visiting national parks in the area. This is a prime area for marine traffic so you might consider planning a whale watching trip while you are in the city.


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