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A New Marketplace for Hotel Reservations

Discover a new hotel reservation marketplace where you can get discounted rooms through buying other traveler’s unused reservations.

The concept of recycling never seemed to have much to do with hotel reservations, but ultimately it has given us a way to feed the travel bug.

Simply put, Roomer gives frustrated travelers the chance to sell their hotel bookings. See, most hotels now sell hotel reservations without an option of a refund on cancellation. If you can’t make it, you have to forfeit your money.

Because they’re about to lose the entire amount, these travelers are willing to sell their bookings at hugely discounted rates. People looking for discounts can then buy those bookings, and travel cheap.

A new hotel marketplace is born!

Copy of hotel room-033_DCE

Roomer’s hotel marketplace is where you’ll be able to find deals of 70% to 80% (and sometimes more) off the price of hotel rooms. These are not low quality rooms either. Many of the best deals are at 4 and 5 star hotels.

As a buyer, you simply browse through the discounted offers until you find the one that perfectly suits you. Alternatively, you can search according to your parameters, and you’ll always find something, just take your time.

Deals in all locations

Copy of kentucky_DCEThe extent of the problem of hotel cancellations is incredible. 220,000 hotel reservations are cancelled in the US every day! This creates a major problem for the hotel industry.

Even though the hotels do not give refunds on these rooms, they still lose out on revenue they would have gained during the person’s stay. This revenue accounts for a large portion of their ultimate profits.

Because of this, Roomer is very beneficial to the hotel industry as well, and many hotels are understanding it and partnering up with them. You can therefore find deals at locations around the world, that are made available exclusively to Roomer.

A seamless process

There are complex logistics involved in making this work, but you don’t have to know anything about that. Roomer does it all for you. This involves working with the hotels to change the reservation, so that when you arrive there are no hassles.

But more importantly, it involves ensuring that the reservation exists in the first place, and that it is entirely accurate. This accuracy is especially vital when you’re traveling as a family. If you are given a one bed hotel room instead of the four you were promised, you’re going to have quite a few problems.

Unfortunately, some hotels don’t know how to handle their clients well and it’s a concern for most travelers. With Roomer, you never have to worry.

They also organize secure payment, so that you never deal directly with the seller. You don’t supply credit card details to a stranger, or give them personal information.

Traveling is again easy

We don’t have to put off our travels any longer. Waiting until the kids grew up was never really an option! In fact, traveling now is more affordable than it has ever been for us. It is also less stressful – which is a huge relief for anyone who has kids. Roomer has created a new marketplace for hotel reservations.

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