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Road tripping in Scotland: top tips

How to get the most out of a road journey through Scotland.

Road trip Scotland

A road trip can be the most amazing experience of a lifetime, and Scotland could be the perfect choice of location. Continue reading for our top tips on how to make sure your Scottish vacation goes to plan.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Poor planning can lead to a road trip not being as successful as it otherwise could have been. Scotland has a mixture of terrains, from smooth and steady motorways to hilly roads, so picking a vehicle that will suit all of these is imperative. Something like a Jeep would be a great choice, but do remember to take along all the jeep wrangler jl accessories, for example, that you need, just in case. Unless you live within the United Kingdom, it may be easier to fly to a local airport and hire a car from there. Picking a larger 4×4 vehicle is advisable. However, it is also essential to ensure you feel confident driving it. You should also bear in mind that the majority of cars in the UK are not automatic. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with driving stick, you must tell the car hire company that you wish to have an automatic vehicle only.

Plan Your Route

Advance planning is imperative when you are taking a road trip, especially when it is somewhere unfamiliar. Of course, you will never stick precisely to it but having a rough idea of which roads to take is helpful. When doing so, you should also bear in mind all of the things you wish to see while you are touring Scotland.

Route planning also involves finding accommodation along the road that will satisfy your individual needs. Tourists like to check into luxury Highland lodges around Loch Ness to make the most out of the biggest attraction the country can offer them. Do your research and try to find places that are close to the sights you intend to visit. This will save time and money on travel expenses.

Here are some of the main attractions:

Loch Ness

The Loch Ness monster is often the first thing people think of when you mention the word Scotland to them. This mythical creature has fascinated the world for decades. So, while you can visit the Loch itself, it is highly unusual to see anything to persuade you to believe that the monster is actually real. However, you can buy a load of fun merchandise while you are there. There are even apps you can download which will place a fake monster in the photograph alongside you. Don’t forget to explore the ruins of the Urquhart Castle while you are there, too. Its ruins can be found along the shore and are well worth seeing.

Loch Lomond

And while we mentioned Loch Ness because of the mystery surrounding it, we wouldn’t be helping you out at all if we failed to mention Loch Lomond. This national park location has breath taking scenery and an array of wildlife to absorb. You could spend time walking, camping, climbing, playing golf or even touring the lakes on a guided boat tour. With such a large area to cover, Loch Lomond national park is certainly a place where you could spend an entire vacation. However, with a road trip, you must plan at least one day here.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Calling all Harry Potter fans! The Glenfinnan Viaduct is a location not to be missed of your itinerary. During the summer months, a steam train runs along this track, providing a must-see experience. This viaduct was featured in both the second and third instalments of the Harry Potter books, with the Hogwarts Express taking this route.


Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is a beautiful location and definitely one to add to your list. Steeped in history, there are many things to do here. The castle is probably the main attraction, but it can get busy, so it is worth booking tickets in advance if possible. Scotland’s parliamentary buildings, Holyrood, are impressive, too. At certain times, you are able to sneak a peek inside. Finally, no visit to Edinburgh would be complete without visiting the old town with its magnificent buildings, where you can soak up the history.


If you have ever visited the UK before, you will be aware that the weather is changeable (to say the least). One minute, you can have glorious sunshine and the next, there will be an almighty downpour. With this in mind, you must pack accordingly. Clothes for all weathers are advisable, ensuring you can layer up if it feels a bit nippy, but with the ability to remove a couple of garments if the temperature warms up. Heat and cold aside, rain is probably the biggest frustration for tourists to Scotland. Always pack waterproof items. You simply never know when the skies will open, and nobody wants to be trapped in a vehicle traveling around country roads while soaking wet. Do not forget your sun cream and insect repellent, too.


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