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Road Trip

  • Driving To Montana

    That’s just the traveling life.

  • Driving In Europe …

    … kind of sucks.

  • On The Streets Of Chile

    Driving in Chile? Now that’s adventure travel.

  • Driving across the USA with an infant

    Road trip from Arizona to New York with a baby Looking back on it, it sounds even crazier than it did at the time. My young family was going to leave sunny, warm Arizona in the beginning of December to drive all the way back to snowy Western New York to visit my husband’s family [...]

  • Traveling Out West Going Back East

    Traveling Back East — Americans say, “Traveling out west,” to indicate that your direction of locomotion is westerly, and “Going back east,” to indicate travel in the opposite direction. “Traveling out west, going back east.” It is automatic to use these terms. “I am from back east.” “I was out west.” ——————— Arizona, Southwest USA, [...]

  • Different Travel Strategies Different Countries

    If you are going to “do” a country, be sure to do it right. From my figures, a traveler only needs three things: transportation, shelter, and sustenance (food and water). Acquiring these resources requires a different strategy for each region of the world. To travel cheaply I know that I need to match my travel [...]

  • Cost to Travel by Car Across the USA

    Cost to Drive Across USA — I thought that it would cost me around $250 to drive a small Subaru Legacy almost the entire length and breadth of the USA: from Bangor, Maine to Quartzsite, Arizona. I thought wrong. After tallying up my expenditures, the trip, which took five days, removed $350 from my travel [...]

  • Meteorite Hunters and Desert Rats

    I am introduced to the southwestern desert of the USA, I am introduced to the world of  the meteorite hunters and desert rats. “Look out ‘dere,” spoke the woman behind the counter of a curiosity shop off interstate 40 in northern Arizona, “Wha’ you see out ‘dere dat is beautiful?” I looked out the open [...]

  • How Far is 3000 Miles

    How far is 3,000 miles? I have arrived in Quartzsite, Arizona. I pulled into this little empty trailer park of a town at 8PM, found the hotel, was promptly accosted by the crew, and hamstrung into going out for drinks at the hotel bar. I cannot say that this hamstringing took much effort on my [...]

  • Highway Travel Across America – New York to St.Louis

    You don’t see too much driving down the interstate highways of America. I traveled through two nights across the north eastern expanse of this very large country by car — I saw the highway in my head lights and only the dark night a little farther beyond. There is little to report beyond that. I [...]