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Rivka Gets A Mohawk — Taking Care Of Kids In Prague, Day 1

Why not?

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic- I gave my two-year-old daughter a mohawk. That was my first act of daddy daycare.

“Daddy daycare.”

That’s what my kids are calling this month. I’m taking care of my two girls — 8 and 2 years old — alone while my wife goes to school. She’s doing a year long program that consists of four month-long modules in Prague. My commitment is to watch the kids on my own during these terms.

While I have always been an active parent this is the first time that I will be the primary caregiver. Usually my wife handles that task and I do my work.

I’ve been looking upon this time with excitement and, I must admit, trepidation. It sounds like fun but I have more work than what I can finish even during the easiest of times where I can work from morning to night without distraction. To throw taking care of two kids all day long into the mix is to basically throw everything else overboard.

Oh well.

It’s worth it.

I can give them mohawks and do whatever we want. We have all of Prague before us each day.


AFTER Two little Mohicans.  The story of Petra’s mohawk:


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