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Resources/ Links

This page is dedicated to my favorite travel-related resources. I am indebted to these sitesbooks and their creatorswriters for giving me the inspiration and information needed to keep me moving forward on a path that’s not quite so ‘normal’.

Travelouges (Alphabetical Order)
  • the candy trail… – Michael Robert Powell has been traveling for almost as many years as I’ve been alive – Since 1988. As he says, “I continue this crazed, minimalist, global-nomadic existence in pursuit of knowledge, fun, and freedom.” For those a bit more P.C. be forewarned as he points out “Some posts within this travel blog contain explicit language & edgy adult themes.” If you don’t agree just don’t go here.
  • Hobo Traveler – Andy of Hobo Traveler has been traversing the globe continuously for over a decade.  His site is regarded as one the better travelogues currently published on the web.
  • The Longest Way Home – Unlike most, Dave travels in order to stop traveling.  He has been on a quest to find a place to call home for 5+ years… and counting.
  • Solbeam– The posts have become infrequent over time, however, she is a great writer and provides a large amount of inspiration for anyone interested in trotting the globe.
  • Travelvice – Craig has one of the best travelogues I’ve found.  He writes about all of his experiences during his travels; the good, bad and ugly.  It’s a great resource for a lot of random backpack knowledge.  Posts have become infrequent, however, it’s worth a read and his photographs are great.
  • Vagabond Journey – Wade has also been traveling for over a decade and has a wide breadth of traveling experience to share with his readers.  He is well on his way to creating a one-stop-internet-shop for all backpacker knowledge

Informational Sites
There are thousands of sites out there that want to give you advice on traveling.  Here are the ones that I’ve found and go to time after time to answer any questions I have.

  • BootsnAll – I go here strictly for the message boards.  They hold a massive amount of information.
  • Road Junky – All around informational site.
  • Travel Independent – This is a great, easy to read site for anyone interested in backpacking and wondering how to even get started.
  • World Nomads – Afraid of what will happen to you if you catch Dengue Fever or your appendix bursts while on the road? You might want some travel insurance.  World Nomads is travel insurance specifically designed for back packers.


  • Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, Rolf Potts – Thinking of traveling?  Read this book and you won’t look back.
  • Rough Guide’s First Time Around the World – A concise book to at least get you started on the logistics of long-term travel.  For more detailed steps visit any of the websites above.
  • A Vagabond Journey Around the World, Harry A. Franck – Originally published in 1910 this book describes Franck’s journey around the world bringing with him nothing but the clothes on his back, a camera, and a small amount of money which he ran out of quickly.  Taking a boat from the U.S. to Scotland Franck travels through Europe, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Japan and finally across the Pacific to California.
  • Walden, Henry Thoreau