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Renting a sprinter van: What You Need to Know

How to rent a sprinter van.

Sprinter van

Whether you’re embarking on a road trip, planning a move, or require a reliable means of transporting people or cargo,  sprinter van rentals offer an ideal option. Before renting a sprinter van, it’s crucial to consider factors such as van configuration, reputable rental companies, requirements, size and capacity, amenities, insurance coverage, fuel efficiency, return conditions, and potential additional fees. 

By understanding these essential aspects, you can make an informed decision, ensure a comfortable and convenient rental experience, and maximize the utility of the sprinter van for your specific needs. 

Sprinter van rentals are perfectly suited for small to medium-sized groups, transporting between eight and 15 people at a time. Here is everything you need to know about renting a passenger van.

Sprinter Van Rental Prices 

Sprinter van rentals are dynamic and vary depending on several factors, including the location, rental company, and rental duration. Generally, rental prices for sprinter vans rentals range from $100 to $300 or more per day. Remember that additional costs like insurance, mileage, and taxes may apply, so it’s essential to inquire about these details when obtaining a rental quote.

Here is an approximation of the price ranges you should expect: 

Daily Rates

The daily rental rates range between $100 to $300 or more. Smaller sprinter van models are on the lower end of the price range. Larger models, such as the passenger van, are on the higher end of the price range. 

Weekly Rates

Renting the sprinter van for a week or more extends the benefits from the company’s discounted weekly rates. Weekly rentals help you save compared to the cumulative daily rates. 

Additional Costs

 Consider additional costs that may apply, such as insurance, mileage fees, taxes, and fuel charges. Insurance coverage options can vary, so it’s essential to understand what is included in the rental price and whether you need additional coverage. Mileage fees are typically charged when you exceed a specific mileage limit. Taxes and fuel charges are additional expenses that can vary based on local regulations and the rental company’s policies. 

Sprinter Van Rental Amenities

Sprinter van rentals are fitted with various amenities to enhance comfort and convenience. The specific amenities vary depending on the rental company and the model of the sprinter van. 

Common amenities you will get in a sprinter van include: 

  • Sprinter vans are fitted with air conditioning and heating systems to provide a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle. Cruise control allows the user to maintain a steady speed. 
  • Many sprinter van rentals have USB charging ports for charging your electronic devices. Bluetooth lets you connect devices to the van’s audio and other entertainment systems, including DVD players, flat-screen TVs, etc. 
  • Some sprinter van rental  models come fitted with leather seats for added comfort. 
  • Rearview cameras are also a safety feature that assists with parking and reversing. 

Sprinter Van Models 

Sprinter van rentals are manufactured by Mercedes-Benz and are available in different models. 

Here are the main sprinter van rental models to consider when renting:

Sprinter Cargo Van

This van is ideal for commercial purposes as it offers a spacious cargo area. The customizable interior allows you to configure the cargo area based on your unique needs. The cargo van is available in different roof heights and wheelbase lengths.

Sprinter Crew Van

The Van combines passenger seating with a cargo area, making it suitable for transporting people and carrying equipment or materials.

Sprinter Passenger Van

This Van is designed to transport larger groups of people, making it an ideal choice for group outings, airport shuttles, or family trips. Depending on the specific model, it offers multiple rows of seating and can accommodate varying numbers of passengers, ranging from 9 to 15 people. The passenger van provides additional amenities for passenger comfort, for instance, individual seating, rear air conditioning, and overhead storage compartments.

Sprinter Minibus

Some rental companies provide Sprinter minibus rentals that are larger than the passenger vans and accommodate more passengers. Minibus rentals are best for events, tours, or occasions that need a higher seating capacity. They often provide more spacious interiors and additional features such as overhead luggage racks.

Each sprinter van model may come with varying dimensions, weight capacities, and interior configurations. When choosing a sprinter van model, keep in mind the number of passengers, the cargo you need to carry, and any other specific necessities for your intended use.

Renting a sprinter van for your next trip

Both individuals and companies may want to consider renting a sprinter van. Ensure your rental experience runs smoothly by considering elements like sprinter van rental configuration, dependable rental businesses, requirements, size, amenities, and the insurance coverage. 

Due to its adaptability, the sprinter van can be used for both professional and private purposes. With careful planning and a grasp of the rental conditions, you can take advantage of the ease and usability of a sprinter van rental for your transportation needs.


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