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Refusing to Learn New Technologies is a First World Privilege That the Rest of the World, Thankfully, Doesn’t Have

No, ‘I’m not good with computers’ is no longer a good enough excuse.

I run a website that has many contributors, and I know first hand that the way that people interact with computers is derived from deeply embedded mental patterning, not just knowledge. I can take an Indian, an Egyptian, or a Chinese person, tell them to do this, this, and that, and they go do it. I take an American, give them the same directions, and they give me the uhhh face. Technologically speaking, the average American is light years behind most of the world.

But they are being forced to adapt.

With this whole Globalization fiasco, Americans have been thrown into the same bucket as everyone else. We can no longer rest assured that we are more educated, more connected, more technologically advanced than rest of the world. We’re not. The Podunk, backwards countries of my youth have caught up. Their middle and upper classes are now competing for and taking jobs, contracts, and technologies that countries like the USA once held a monopoly on. Americans have been forced to jump back on the track and rejoin the race. The tortoise is now ahead of the hare.

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