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  • Syrian Refugee Trapped In Moscow Airport Granted Asylum In Sweden

    After nine months of being stuck in the transit zone of Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, Hasan Yasien is free.

  • Hasan, The Man Stuck In The Moscow Airport, Has Been Barricaded In

    Hasan Yasien, the Syrian refugee who has been trapped in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport for over eight months, just informed me today that his impromptu home has been barricaded in. Hasan and some other refugees in the airport had made their home in a glass enclosed booth next to Gate 36 in Terminal E. Two days [...]

  • Update: Man Stuck In Moscow Airport For Over Eight Months

    Hasan Yasien is STILL stuck in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.

  • How Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Became a Refugee Camp

    Hasan Yasien and a group of other refugees have been stuck in the transit zone of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport for over a hundred days. Is this an airport or a detention center?

  • Do China’s Ghost Cities Offer a Solution for Syrian Refugees?

    Can the masses of Syrian refugees in need of places to live be moved into China’s millions of empty apartments?

  • A Dispatch From The Other Side Of A Shit Ditch – Ranong, Thailand

    A look into the life of a Burmese Refugee in Thailand.

  • One Culture, One Border, Two Very Different Societies: What is the Future of the Korean Peninsula?

    A half century has now passed since Korea was bifurcated along the 38th Parallel, and the contending sides could not have developed along more opposing paths. As North Korea absconded under the cloak of a dictorial regime South Korea opened up to the West and is now booming with commerce. What was once a single culture is now two very different societies. What is the future of the Korean Peninsula? Can the two sides reunite, or are they now too different? Does anyone care anymore? With those who can even remember a unified Korea passing into old age and decreasing in number, vagabondjourny.com’s Korean correspondent, Tiffany Zappulla, asks these questions.

  • Tibetan Refugees in India – In a Land of No Return

    BYLAKUPPE, India- In 1959, on the heels of their beloved Dalai Lama, tens of thousands of Tibetans abandoned their Chinese occupied homeland and sought refuge in India. Recognizing the atrocious nature of the Chinese invasion and subsequent colonization, along with the uncomfortable political situation in which they were placed, the Indian government absorbed the mass [...]

  • Standing on the Precipice of the Guatemalan Civil War

    HEREDIA, Costa Rica- She spoke with a biting sincerity and curtness that were moving far beyond her words alone. She was a survivor, having witnessed the sharp end of life first hand. Now a professor at Long Island University’s Global College in Costa Rica, the woman who I will refer to only as La Profesora, [...]

  • Tibetan Refugees in India Photos

    Tibetan Refugees in India PhotosThe following links lead to photographs of Tibetan refugees in the Bylakuppe camp in southern India. I took these pictures in the autumn of 2006 when I was doing research for an article on exile Tibetans called Seekers of Refuge in a Land of No Return that was published in Abroad [...]