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Reasons Why Business Travelers Prefer Staying In A Serviced Apartment

How to find the best accommodation for business travel.

Serviced apartment

Business travelers have to keep numerous factors in mind when it comes to figuring out a play to stay during their trip. With the hiking popularity of serviced apartments, established businessmen and young entrepreneurs have started leveraging the benefits of a cost-effective yet luxurious stay.

This guide focuses on crucial benefits that show up when you choose serviced apartments for rent in Lausanne, Switzerland, during your business trip.

Home-like ambiance

Most travelers rejoice in the personalized kitchen they get with serviced rental options. You can cook healthy food, which can also be used if your business meeting is followed by lunch.

No compromise on available space

Let’s collectively admit — no one likes a clumsy environment when it comes to organizing a formal meeting. An apartment with ample space will prove to be a better fit when, for instance, a crucial product presentation is aligned with your stay duration.

Having a serviced apartment means you’ll have adequate space to carry out video conferences, round table meetings, informal gatherings, and a myriad of other applications.

But how can you save money further?

The availability of ample space and decent ambiance, coupled with cost-effectiveness, clears out why corporates love serviced apartments.

  • If you have to make an onsite audit that can take around 25 days, take 3 more days to cover some other business (or leisure) activity in the city as you can get a 4% VAT rebate when staying for 28 days or above. This might be the time when you can explore the city or cover business errands; the point is to leverage the added benefit.
  • Following a budget that accounts for all the costs before you even reach the place. This means bringing a full-fledged itinerary that covers all the activities you have scheduled for the stay.

As a business traveler, you must assess budget, convenience, location, ambiance, and complimentary & available services of the services apartment before taking the plunge.

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