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Random Thoughts

  • Why Haven’t I Been Taking More Photos?

    Quito, Ecuador- Recently there has been a lack in the number of photos I’ve taken and posted. It’s not because I haven’t been anywhere of interest or there has been a lack of places that I’ve enjoyed. Quite the opposite actually. I have enjoyed Ecuador but not for the reasons that makes me want to [...]

  • One Year On the Road

    Puno, Peru- It’s been a year since I last spent a single second of my time making any type of income or sleeping under the same roof for any considerable amount of time. I left Cleveland on July 26th and since then I’ve been wandering the northern and southern hemispheres at free will. It’s been [...]

  • Tarabuco: Some Cool Hats and One Great Statue

    Sucre, Bolivia – For the last month and a half I’ve had ‘Tarabuco Market’ on my list of things to do while in Sucre. It’s not in Sucre but the 65 kilometer drive makes it an easy trip that’s possible each Sunday. Any of the dozens of tourist agencies in downtown Sucre will sell you [...]

  • Two Lives Compared

    The Side of the Road, ArgentinaI was a happy traveler once again on the move out of Asuncion and out of Paraguay. I moved through immigration easily and was welcomed to Argentina for the fourth time. I was traveling on one of the double decker luxury buses that have come to spoil me. I had [...]

  • Catching Some Rays

    Cordoba, ArgentinaIt’s been way too long since I’ve caught any waves, sand and sun simultaneously (I think it was last in January). Being so long ago and so close to an ocean in Valparaíso I couldn’t allow this streak continue. Valparaíso itself is no beach town; just a lot of freighters unloading cargo but ten [...]

  • The Reality of Solo Long-term Travel…And Some Other Stuff

    Los Antiguos, ArgentinaYou will be pushed out of your comfort zone.You will be that ‘smelly person’.You will get tired of wearing the same clothes.You will see amazing sights.You will meet interesting people.Your boundaries of understanding will grow.Your standards of what’s ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ will be altered.You will have times of feeling completely alone. You will [...]

  • Before Departure

    Panama City, PanamaBuildings greater than five stories; lots of them. Massive shopping malls. Hooters. Casinos. Fashion boutiques and electronic stores. A truly western world city.Yet, at the same time there are loud, painted school buses with neon lights pouring out diesel exhaust. Street vendors. Walls and barbed wire protecting squat, concrete houses. A truly westernized [...]

  • The Bus Station

    Panama City, PanamaWhile traveling there are day to day occurrences that you take for granted at the time but look back on and smile when it’s all said and done. Of course that jungle hike, volcano trek or night of partying was great but those afternoons of aimlessly walking around in markets or long days [...]

  • R&R at it´s Best

     Los Cobanos, El SalvadorAfter two nights of sleeping on the ground Tez and I packed up camp in twenty minutes and made a straight course for the first bus out of El Imposible. We were ready for a shower and a couple days of relaxation and we had heard of an idyllic location: Hostel Kalindigo [...]

  • Days in Placencia

    Placencia, BelizeThe following are some random thoughts and events from the two days I spent in Placencia.New Friends:I spent part of an afternoon meeting some of the locals; Belican Lighthouse, Belican and Belican Premium. Belican Premium and I quickly became best friends as he’s the first that I’ve met with any real kind of personality [...]