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Rain Forests

  • Tacuazin Habitat and Behavior

    Tacuazin Habitat and Behavior FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- Tacuazin breaks into the kitchen of the Finca Tatin each night. She steals our fruit, she nibbles on the ends of our papaya, our pineapples. She leaves empty banana peels laying around the kitchen floor. Though Tacuazin seems to be a polite thief, as she usually just nibbles [...]

  • Fishing in the Jungles of Guatemala

    Fishing in the Jungles of Guatemala RIO DULCE, between Fronteras and Livingston, Guatemala- “Are there less fish now than there were 20 years ago,” I asked Alfredo, who had been fishing in the Rio Dulce in the eastern jungles of Guatemala for 28 years. “No, it is equal,” the 38 year old Maya responded in [...]

  • Fishing for Tarpon in Guatemala

    Traditional fishing in the jungles of Guatemala, Part 2.

  • Maya in Cayucos Rich Tourists in Yachts

    RIO DULCE JUNGLE, Guatemala- The type of boat that the Maya fishermen in the jungles of Guatemala use to chase their game is called a cayuco. I must admit that sitting with three men in a cayuco is not an easy task. There is more than enough room in a cayuco for three men, as [...]

  • Indigenous Tarpon Fishing

    Traditional fishing in the jungles of Guatemala, Part 1.

  • Tourist Attacked by Canoe Pirate in Guatemala

    Tourist Attacked by Canoe Pirate in Guatemala Places often seem safe until they are suddenly proven to be dangerous. You could probably walk through the world with your head in the clouds for a couple of years, proclaim it a safe place, call the news media or anybody else that says different naysayers, think yourself [...]

  • Scorpion Sting Treatment in Guatemala

    Scorpion Sting Treatment and Prevention FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- When in the tropics, I always shake out my clothes before putting them on my body, I always check my shoes to make sure no malicious little creature had made them their abode. This is preparation against scorpions, spiders, a half dozen other creatures that can bite, [...]

  • Sounds of the Jungle

    FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- Jungles are loud places. There is a perpetual hum in the background, a buzzing that arises from every direction that grows into a roar in the night. “A lot of people don’t realize it, but jungles are not quiet places. It is unbelievable how loud a jungle can be.” An old traveler [...]

  • How to Live with Insects in Jungle

    FINCA TATIN, Jungle near Livingston, Guatemala- When living in the rain forest you live with insects. The human no longer sits alone on an “I eat you but you don’t eat me” pedestal when in jungle climes. In the jungle, the human is food — food for insects. How do you live with insects in [...]

  • Herbal Baths in Guatemala Jungle

    FINCA TATIN, Jungle near Livingston, Guatemala- The indigenous cooking staff at the Finca Tatin were worried about my baby. They said that her head was always hot but she did not have a fever, that she was a little too vetchy, that she did not nap normally. They implied that she may be having headaches, [...]