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Professions that will be in trend in 2023 

How to find a job that’s in demand.

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New specialties that humanity had never even heard of before appear every year in the world. The job market is changing as a result of the digital age, which emphasizes intellectual rather than physical activities.

Therefore, we have prepared for you a rating of professions that will be in the highest demand in 2023 and in the next five years. If you are just deciding which specialty to enter, this article will help you. You still have time to switch specialties and pick a field where you may be sure to acquire a high-paying job and develop a great career.

Current and future labor market trends

The future is tied to the automation of all aspects of life, including work, travel and daily activities.

In terms of professional abilities, the following skills will be in demand in 2023:

  • multiculturalism and multilingualism;
  • systems thinking;
  • ecological thinking;
  • programming / robotics / artificial intelligence;
  • intersectoral communication;
  • customer focus and working with people;
  • project management.

Promising professions in 2023 

We draw your attention to the TOP vocations that the job market will definitely appreciate highly in 2023. We examined data from HR systems that choose employees for medium – and large-sized firms, as well as analytical forecasts from international organizations and job search websites.

Web and graphic designer

Do not let the profession of design lose its importance over time. People with a creative mindset, lots of ideas, and a passion to innovate will always be in demand. It is critical to remember that these professions have very distinct features. Therefore, graphic designers construct graphics, create advertising banners, and create logos, whereas web designers develop interfaces for websites and applications.


A blogger is a person who maintains an online journal. A blogger can write about his or her life, work with news, write about their hobbies, and create videos that will draw in new readers. If you’re already inspired by this description, hurry up to check job content creator offers and dive in the majestic world of blogging.

The main advantage of the profession is that it does not require special skills and investments. The profession, at first glance, seems simple, but it is not so at all, because it is very, very difficult to find interesting topics and keep the audience. A blogger starts to make a profit after he has a certain number of subscribers. 

HR manager

As long as people keep working, the profession of an HR manager will not lose its relevance. An HR specialist is an important person in any team who helps not only to find new employees, but also to shape the personnel policy of the enterprise.


This is the business trend of the new millennium. The world’s population is increasing and everyone needs food. Food TECH, or food technologist, is creating previously unknown food products – artificial meat and lactose-free milk, gluten-free sweets and desserts and new drinks. A specialist in this field deals with tasks at the intersection of biotechnology, genetics, biochemistry and agronomy. There are far more vacancies for food technologists than candidates, and the salary is much higher than the average in the market.


Another profession in demand that will not lose its relevance in the future is a tester. This employee reviews projects, identifies bugs that designers or programmers will need to fix, and works to ensure that programs, applications, and games are as user-friendly as possible.

Website developer

The IT industry remains one of the most profitable and sought-after industries for work. In total, there are three types of developers: frontend, which is responsible for the appearance and visible side of the site, backend, which works on internal processes, and full stack is a universal specialist.

Targeted advertising specialist

An equally popular online profession in 2023 is a target manager. Such an employee is engaged in setting up advertising, attracting new customers and creating a portrait of the target audience in order to promote and develop the brand’s activities on social networks.

3D printing designer

Almost anything can now be printed with 3D printers, including jewelry, artificial human organs, houses, and unmanned aerial vehicles. To become a 3D designer, you need to understand 3D modeling and the area for which the products are created (respectively jewelry, medicine, aircraft or construction). It will be useful to be able to program at least at the initial level – to create or configure the software for a printer model. High-class specialists are engaged in the creation of printers and software for 3D printing.

Numerous factors need to be taken into account when choosing a vocation. It’s critical to identify your skills, opportunities, interests, and preferences. Future financial stability analysis is similarly crucial.  

But the most crucial thing is to select a profession that will give you both material and moral satisfaction.


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