Vagabond Press Release Feb. 2009
9 years of travel through more than 40 countries on 5 continents
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Vagabond Nears 10 Years of World Travel

ISTANBUL, Turkey - February 25 - In the spring of 1999, USA native, Wade Shepard, step foot off of his family's farm for a journey across the USA without a clue that he would still be traveling a decade later. Now, after ten years of perpetually wandering around the globe - through more than 40 countries in Asia, Latin America, North Africa, Europe, and 45 US states - Shepard is reflecting on what he has learned, observed, and experienced, as well as harnessing his resources for his toughest obstacle yet: the Middle East.

As he travels, Shepard regularly works odd jobs, barters hotel webpages in exchange for a free place to sleep, writes occasional magazine articles, and rounds out his travel funds by working as a field archaeologist. He is a vagabond and travels from place to place in search of employment that will provide him with the means to continue his journey. Wade has funded his world travels by working as an archaeologist in Ecuador, Honduras, and 15 states of the USA; as an English teacher in Japan, China, and Turkey; a gardener in Ireland; a hostel receptionist in Hungary; and, for the past two years, as a traveling webmaster, working diligently on his website and blog at

Wade generally spends less than $10 a day as he travels by bicycle, foot, hitchhiking, and cheap public transportation in his global journey. "Do not buy anything that you will not croak without," is his motto for budget travel, which is the philosophy that has enabled him to keep traveling for so long.

Shepard's website,, is a first hand collection of travel tips, off the beaten path destination information, traveler tales, and instructions on how to find work abroad when you run out of money. The travelogue portion of also serves as a forum for current events travel journalism, in which he publishes daily updates on the state of the world wide human condition. The Travel Articles,, portion of the website is where he showcases the various articles that he has published in magazines. Shepard has published articles on numerous topics, including: Mayan archaeology at Copan, Guatemalan civil war refugees in Costa Rica, cockfighting in Honduras, Tibetan refugees in India, traditional tattooing in Japan, and underground graffiti artists in Portugal.

Shepard is currently in Istanbul, Turkey and is poised to celebrate his tenth year of traveling with a vagabond journey through Kurdistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and to enter into the African continent from the east. Throughout all of these world travels, Wade still calls Western New York his home.

Contact: Wade is available for all interviews and inquiries by either emailing or calling 90 531 610 7129 (Turkey).

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