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  • Prenatal Visits while abroad in Budapest

    The first order of business upon arrival in Budapest (Wade had already taken care of an apartment and food) was to find an ob-gyn doctor for our first prenatal visit. I did a quick google search on the internet, which was mostly unhelpful since all the websites were in Hungarian. I was especially nervous about [...]

  • Flying while Pregnant

    I was six weeks pregnant when I started traveling with Number Three, the nickname of the baby growing inside of me. Wade and I would argue back and forth about who should be Number One — and then the other would be Number Two — but there is no doubt about who would be Number [...]

  • Telling my Parents I’m Pregnant

    Vagabonds tell parents their pregnant — I had already suspected I was pregnant for almost two weeks when I took a pregnancy test. My breasts were sore, I was exhausted and I just knew something was up. I had been visiting my family in Maine while Wade was with his family in upstate New York. [...]