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Point to Point Travel

Point to point travel is when you move from one population center to another, virtually skipping over all of the areas in between by either flying, taking buses, trains, and taxis. When using public transportation, or other expedient forms of transport, the areas you travel through in between you departure and arrival points becomes almost completely inaccessible: you hop on at point A and you are shuttled to point B. Unless you get off en route in no man’s land, all of the nature, small villages, farms etc . . . can only be viewed through a window as you zoom by.

Point to point travel is one strategy for moving through the world and is often thought of being the converse of complete path travel — which includes self-propelled methods of transport such as bicycling, walking, trekking etc — where the proponent has the option to better engage and experience  the entire route they travel by moving at slower speeds and being able to stop at will.

Motorcycle or personal car travel can be either point to point or complete path means of transportation depending on how the traveler decides to utilize their vehicle.