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  • Herbal Baths in Guatemala Jungle

    FINCA TATIN, Jungle near Livingston, Guatemala- The indigenous cooking staff at the Finca Tatin were worried about my baby. They said that her head was always hot but she did not have a fever, that she was a little too vetchy, that she did not nap normally. They implied that she may be having headaches, [...]

  • Tres Puntas Herb for Intestinal Ailments

    FINCA TATIN, Izabel, Guatemala- “Es muy feo,” the owner of the Finca Tatin spoke decisively as he curled up the sides of his lips into a Manta Ray sort of grimace. He was peering into the mug of stewing green liquid that was sitting before me. He was not talking about its mucusy green appearance, [...]

  • Mormon Tea and the Naming of Things

    I enjoy the stories that often get attributed to the naming of things. There are many things that have a nomenclature that was obviously influenced from a story, a legend, a cultural pattern, or history. I like all of the gun and shooting references in modern English: “On target,” “Taking aim,” Trigger happy,” “Cocked and [...]