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Planning the First Trip to England

What to do and where to go on a vacation to the United Kingdom.

Britain is an extraordinary place to visit when choosing a location for an active vacation. You can visit all four countries of the UK or spend more time exploring one of them. Most people prefer to start their trip in England and move to the west.

The country is very unusual as it has a diversified culture. No need to say that its history is really impressive. That is why one should make a to-do and to-see list. Some tourists like to visit a place with casinos that have online gambling sites for UK players. Others create a list of unusual sightseeing that has nothing to do with taking pictures near Big Ben or similar places. Get ready for your trip with the right hotel and good tickets. Add the list of interesting places to visit, and you will get an amazing experience.

Trip Arrangements

  • Booking good tickets is probably the most important as the rest of the agenda depends on timing. When coming to London, visitors should remember that there are four airports close to the city. You can find cheap tickets but spend a lot of money to get to London. Avoid buying early morning tickets. Some airports have a convenient connection and provide early morning transfer, for example, Stansted express bus. Buses operate from 3-4 am.
  • There is no bad time for coming to England but coming in autumn is risky. This is a season when rains are more frequent than in spring or summer. Local people advise coming at the ad of spring or summer. Summer is not really hot in England so you will not suffer from the hot weather. Those, who love Christmas fairs, are welcome to come in winter to see a great celebration.
  • Stay closer to the center but not in the center. Leaving in the center is really expensive. You might be lucky to find a good and cheap hostel but they are usually booked far in advance. If you book far away from the city center, you will have to spend a lot of money on the tube. London underground is divided into zones. Zone 1 and 2 is the center. Check hotels and hostels in zone 2, which has the same transport fee. Numerous tourists also book apartments and rooms through apps like Airbnb.
  • Avoid going the beaten track. Most people coming to the capital, go to see the same tourists places. Of course, it is interesting to go along Tower Bridge and take a couple of pictures. London has much more to offer. Check unusual places. You can easily find information about the hidden gems of the city. When in the center near Leicester Square, go to Neal’s yard. If you do not know this yard, you will never find it accidentally. It is a nice colorful yard with cozy coffee shops and amazing sandwiches. Shoreditch is a perfect location for people, who love street art. This is also the right place to go to English pubs and try local cuisine.
  • If you continue your trip to other cities, check different transport options, including buses and trains. There are overnight trains, which are usually more expensive than day trains. Sometimes the price is two times higher. If you are on a budget, the bus will be the best option. You should also check domestic flights and local low costs. Local air carriers might have very convenient and cheap flights. In such a way, you will save not only money but also time.

Planning you vacation to London is important to ensure you get  maximum satisfaction from the trip. Get ready to take the best of it!


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