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Places To Visit In The Canary Islands, A Traveler’s Guide

Where to go and what to do in the Canary Islands.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is an archipelago off the coast of Africa and Spain. The Canaries are made up of the Spanish provinces of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as well as the insular councils of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera, and Ferro. The Canary Islands are all very distinct from each other! The eastern group of the islands is arider, while the western group is full of beaches. There’s also a line that separates them called “Cabo de Gracias a Dios” (Cape Thanks to God). However, you can see both groups at once with their mix of green forests and white sand beaches and volcanic landscapes on the other!

This blog post will tell you about places to visit in the Canary Islands.

Western Group Of Islands In The Canaries

Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife is the largest of all seven islands. The island has some beautiful beaches worth seeing, like Playa de las Vistas (Beach by Viewpoints). This beach offers views of both the Atlantic and the North Sea at once! There’s also a viewpoint called El Dedo del Diablo (The Devil’s Finger). It adds to the beauty of this island. The beaches are white and have some green points that resemble islands in the middle of nowhere!

The “Pico de las Nieves” National Park on Gran Canaria was named after a massive white rock that resembles an ice cream cone.

Tenerife has over 100 beaches to explore along its coastline, including two black-sand volcanic beaches! The most popular city in Tenerife is San Cristobal which hosts many festivals throughout the year, such as “Semana Santa” where thousands flock each year to celebrate Easter week festivities by dressing up in traditional Spanish clothing while dancing around town singing religious hymns.

The sheer beauty and majesty of Mount Teide, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is mind-blowing on Tenerife at 3718 meters above sea level! The largest volcano in Spain has an amazing array of wildlife, including chameleons, which you can spot along the trail to the top, as well as ibexes (local goat-antelopes) and vultures!

Loro Parque (Parrot Park) in Puerto de la Cruz is a must-see on Tenerife! This park offers a fantastic array of animals such as penguins, flamingos, and sea lions. The parrots here are remarkable, too, with many species to choose from, including macaws and cockatoos who you can see up close and personal.

Parque Rural de Anaga is a nature reserve in Tenerife that offers stunning views of the island, hiking trails, and an orchid garden. You can find beautiful lavender fields here too, which smell so good – you will want to pack some home with you!

Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria has many sites that are worth seeing. It’s known for its beaches, which you can get to by bus or car. Some of Gran Canaria’s most famous attractions include the Maspalomas Dunes (Dune Park), the Archaeological Museum in Puerto de Mogán, and Cueva Pintada (Painted Cave).

Playa De Las Canteras Beach is one of the best and most well-known beaches in Gran Canaria. The beach has white sands and clear waters which you can swim in! It’s also near many shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, and nightlife hotspots, making it a perfect place for everyone!

Pico de las Nieves is a beautiful place located on the island of Gran Canaria. It has some stunning views that are worth seeing, especially at sunrise or sunset!

La Palma, Spain

La Palma is a small island that has plenty of places to visit. It’s mostly known for its volcanic landscape, which you can see at the Cumbre Vieja (Old Ridge). The Punta de Teno Mountain Range also offers views of both black sand beaches and green forests! La Gomera is another beautiful Canary Island just like La Palma.

The volcano route in La Palma is a great place to visit, with some beautiful views of the island’s volcanic landscapes. The trail begins at El Paso and ends up in Los Llanos, passing by many rivers, valleys, coasts, and forests along the way!

Calle O’Daly is a popular place to visit in La Palma. It’s full of bars and restaurants that you can dine at along the way! Bosque de Los Tilos is a beautiful place too. It’s full of luscious green trees that are worth seeing during the autumn season!

La Gomera, Spain

La Gomera is a small island that has some beautiful sites to see. Some of these include the Parque Nacional del Garajonay, full of all kinds of plants and animals! There’s also an amazing view from El Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on top of Las Nieves Mountain Range.

Valle Gran Rey is also worth visiting. It’s tiny but has some gorgeous waterfalls and beaches! The city of Valle Gran Rey is the only place in La Gomera where you can find nightlife, shopping, bars, and restaurants, so it might be a good idea to stay here if you want to go out at night.

La Gomera is known for its sweet wine, goat’s cheese, and other delicious dairy products. But this little gem also offers incredible hiking trails through dense forests to peaks with amazing views, as well as some incredibly secluded beaches where you can swim in turquoise waters. There are even villages with only one road leading into it, so there isn’t any traffic noise or light pollution to interrupt your sleep! And if relaxation after a long hike sounds good, check out Las Dunas de Famara. It doesn’t get better than waking up to views of these white sand dunes on top of volcanic rocks!

El Hierro, Spain

El Hierro is a small island that’s part of the Canary Islands. It might not have much to offer, but it does feature some beautiful landscapes, such as La Caldera de Bandama!

Charco Azul is a unique place in El Hierro that you should visit. It’s full of sunken boats and other vessels! There are also some amazing rock formations here, so it is an interesting sight to see.

Playa de Tacoron is a great place to visit in El Hierro. It’s full of beautiful views, especially during sunrise and sunset! The beach has white sands and clear waters, making for a perfect spot to swim or just relax on the shore!

Punta del Hidalgo is another excellent site that you should see when going to El Hierro. It has incredible views of both the Atlantic Ocean and La Restinga Lagoon, which you won’t forget!

El Hierro is also known for its volcanoes, such as Timanfaya National Park, where there are some beautiful sites to see, like lava pits and craters! There’s even an exhibition that displays volcanic eruptions through the ages.

Eastern Group Of Islands In The Canaries

Canary Islands

Lanzarote, Spain

Lanzarote is a volcanic island that has some interesting sites to see. One of the most popular things to do on this island is to visit Timanfaya National Park! It’s home to many exotic species, and it looks like another planet with its craters, volcanoes, lava rocks, and fumaroles. There are also some beautiful beaches on this island!

Playa de las Cucharas is a popular place to visit in Lanzarote. It’s full of beautiful views, and it has some white sands too! There are also some steep cliffs here, so be careful not to fall off while you’re here!

Puerto Calero Marina is located in the Maspalomas Dunes, which makes for an amazing sight to see if you like beaches with more sand than water or vice versa. The dunes stretch out into the Atlantic Ocean, making this island one of Spain’s best-kept secrets when it comes to beaches!

When going on holidays to Lanzarote, you should definitely check out the Cesar Manrique Foundation too. It has beautiful paintings by Manrique himself and some other pieces that were inspired by his own style!

Club La Santa is a paradise for people who love active holidays. Here you get a sumptuous buffet of sport and exercise, wellness, health and lots of social activities in a pleasant warm climate all year round. This Lanzarote resort is the perfect place to use as your home base to travel the island from. 

Fuerteventura, Spain

Fuerteventura is a very dry and arid island. It offers many things to see from its different types of landscapes! Some of these include the breathtaking Jandia Natural Park with dunes as tall as 150 meters (164 yards), white-sand beaches, and mountains. The Cueva de los Verdes (Green Caves) are also a must-see!

This is one of the largest islands in The Canary Islands, with a population of around 200 000 people. There are many beaches on this island, and it’s popular for scuba diving. It’s also known for its wild horses that roam freely throughout the land.

One of my favorite things to do here was visiting La Oliva beach, where you can find natural pools formed by volcanic rock formations along the coastline. To get there, take a local bus from any city center or airport to Corralejo town, which has all means of transportation options available at affordable prices, making getting around easy!

In conclusion, The Canary Islands are a great place to go when looking for an exotic destination close to Europe. You can expect good weather from April through November, and it will be sunny every day you’re there!

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