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Places To Visit In Cape May During Your Vacation And The Benefits Of Staying In Rentals 

Where to go and what to do in Cape May.

Cape May

The 600grand Victorian houses, the aroma of exquisite seafood lingering in the air, and the liveliness in the atmosphere inform you of your arrival at Cape May, located at the southern tip of New Jersey. 

It has a rich historical past and culture and attracts many tourists worldwide, drawing about 10 million per year.

If you haven’t visited Cape May yet, you’re missing out on something extraordinary. A wide array of staying options, like Cape May rentals, beaches, shopping, leisure activities, special events, and craft shows promise to make your family trip memorable. 

But what are the things to do, places to see, and options for sightseeing and entertainment? Find out.

A Paradise For Beach Lovers

The beaches in Cape May are an absolute paradise for beach lovers, and that’s hardly an overstatement. The first thing you notice is the cleanliness and amicable atmosphere that pervades them. 

The beaches run for almost 2.5 miles along Beach Avenue, and you can easily reach them from most house rentals. Some of the famous beaches are The Cove, Windsor, Congress Street, Grant Street, Madison, Reading, and Philadelphia.]

Besides the curious-sounding names (many of them have names of cities), they attract visitors with their numerous activities. You can go swimming, skimboarding, surfing, and even enjoy a game of volleyball with your family.

Kids will also love the beaches since they can build sandcastles. However, you must bring your ball if you want to play a match or two. You can enjoy a picnic too, but ensure you don’t carry alcohol or cooking devices (they are prohibited).

Before visiting the beaches, remember to buy beach tags.

Enjoy The Picturesque Views Of The Promenade

Walking on the Promenade treats you to the sights and sounds of the beach. The paved walkway stretches for almost two miles and has beautiful ocean views. 

You could stop for ice cream, buy candy for your kids, and visit arcades. Necessary facilities like public toilets dot the walkway every half-mile or so. Its beauty takes on a new appearance in the evening, with shining lights.

Feel The Thrill Of Water Sports

Are you a water-sports enthusiast and live to experience the thrill of kayaking, speed-boating, deep-sea fishing, crabbing, surfing, and paddleboarding? You can try all of those water adventure activities in town. You can even rent a jet-ski or waverunner and check those items off your bucket list. 

Admire the Victorian-era architecture

The Victorian-era houses with their gables, steeply pitched roofs, decorative railings, turrets, and towers, stained glass windows and more, remind you of the city’s rich historical past. Some of the streets which you should include in your Victorian House Tour are Columbia Street, Hughes Street, Ocean Street, and Washington Street Mall. Some of the houses which draw a lot of tourists are the Emlen Physick House, Christopher Gallager House, Morris House and Formerly Poor Richard’s Inn.  

Visit The Breweries, Distilleries, And Wineries  

Cape May city is home to several breweries and distilleries which offer guided tours. You get the opportunity to learn about beer production and its processes. Some even offer you sample tastings, interactive self-guided tours, and contain bottle shops where you can buy a product of your choice. You could also plan a trip to the three wineries which are within a short drive from Cape May: Cape May, Willow Creek, and Hawk haven Winery. 

Relax And Unwind With A Spa Day

Everyday life can be pretty hectic and take a significant toll on your body and mind. Treat those tired, stiff, and aching muscles with a professional spa treatment. All the spas in the city are suitable for individuals, couples, and groups. 

It’s better to book your appointment a few days before your trip to avoid last-minute inconveniences or delays. 

Stay In A Home Away From Home

Cape May has plenty of beautiful homes that vacation homeowners rent to visitors.. You get the feeling of staying in a home, surrounded by a homely atmosphere. All properties have the essential amenities that you require. 

You will enjoy your stay at the rentals, with their excellent amenities, perfect locations, and proximity to the beaches. You can select them according to the property type, distance from the beach, and the number of bedrooms.

The Best Way To Book A Property 

Search for a vacation owner rental platform in order to book a rental property since that is more convenient and saves you plenty of time. They will provide you with any information you require, including the rates, availability, features promotions, etc. 

The best Cape May rentals will place you in the lap of comfort while keeping you close to the beach, Promenade, and top tourist attractions. Thanks to its incredible sightseeing options, a huge selection of food items, and thrilling activities, you will be sure to enjoy your trip. 


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