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Photos from Ancient City of Petra and Wadi Musa

Petra and Wadi Musa Travel Photos

Ancient City of Petra and Wadi Musa in Jordan Photos    Ancient City of Petra and Wadi Musa in Jordan Pictures

More Photos from Jordan
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traveler in desert

Traveler looking out over the Jordanian desert.

coca cola advertisement in jordan

Coca Cola advertisements in Jordan.

photo of the view over wadi musa

The view over Wadi-Musa near Petra.

wadi musa

Wadi-Musa as seen from over a hill. The ancient city of Petra is in the big pile of rocks in the background.

no god but allah sign in jordan

"No God but Allah Mohammad is his Messenger" sign in Jordan. The English language of the sign is probably for the benefit of foreign tourists.

Ancient City of Petra and Wadi Musa in Jordan

photo of wadi musa jordan

Wadi Musa at nightfall.

arab toothpaste

"White Power" toothpaste with
Arabic and Turkish writing on the tube. I thought this was funny. No, you could not get away with using this toothpaste in the West.

school children in wadi musa

School children lined up for
morning drills in the village of Wadi Musa. A voice over a loudspeaker organizes the students for exercises and marches.

tourists in petra

Tourists in Petra, Jordan. Notice the adventure hats.

photo of the entrance to petra

The entrance to the ancient city of Petra.