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  • Travel Safe with DSLR Camera

    My friend Craig at Travelvice.com sent me the following email about an article that he is putting together of tips on how to travel securely in urban areas with an expensive DSLR camera. Wade, I’d like to compile a best practices / safety article on long-term backpackers traveling w/ a dSLR. If you know of [...]

  • Photography Lesson in New York City

    Photography Lesson in New York City“Photography is painting with light.”Photography has always been a subject that has stuck in my craw, for I simply do not understand what is so complex about pointing a box-like instrument at something and pushing a button. I can point and I can push buttons. I am not impressed when [...]

  • Rajasthan- Houses and Men Book Review

    “Man builds houses not only for shelter,but also to define and show himself to others. In this sense, the architecture he produces is the best indicator of how he perceives his world. Architecture which is a measure of the complexity, the maturity, and the health of a given society; architecture which serves to interpret the [...]

  • Moroccan Women’s Clothing, Photos and Video

    Moroccan Women’s Clothing, Photos and VideoSeptember 22, 2007Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.comNorth Africa page: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.com/northafricaAn anonymous reader posted a comment on my “I Sidestep a Lunatic and make a Friend” post . She said:“you should take more videos of the people. what do these people look like?? and further more….as I’m about to embark on this crazy adventure….what [...]