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Photo of the Day

  • Look Inside: Yujiapu, China’s Manhattan Replica

    Check out China’s Manhattan themed financial district through these photos and video.

  • Photo Of The Day: Surfing The Flooded Streets of Jakarta

    Every five years or so the streets of Jakarta flood, and the city grinds down until the water dissipates. But rather than letting good waves go to waste, this New Zealander tried surfing through the streets being pulled by a motorcycle.

  • Babies Cross Cultures in Dominican Republic Photo

    Travel photo of the day- Babies traverse culture on Cabarete beach in the Dominican Republic. My daughter Petra would meet other babies daily as we traveled in the Caribbean and Central America during our first year of family travel.

  • Meknes Medina Wall Photo

    Travel photo of the day- The high walls outside of the medina at Meknes, Morocco. The old cities of Morocco are like giant ant colonies, and it is almost too much fun running through all of the tunnels, alleyways, and passageways. They are great places to get lost — not only physically but temporally as [...]

  • Traffic in Calcutta Photo

    Travel photo of the day- My first impression of India in 2005 was the traffic. Coming in from the airport in Calcutta was like nothing I had yet experienced: people hanging off the sides of buses, bicycles weaving between cars, men crossing the road as though immune from being run over, taxis flying around them. [...]

  • Ganesh Statue in Yunnan China Photo

    Travel photo of the day- A statue of Ganesh in southern Yunnan province of China. I rode a bicycle out of Jinhong — which sits near the borders of Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar — out into the countryside. I came upon a broken down and abandon temple complex that had many different motifs, statues, and [...]

  • Bicycle Travel Gear Set Up Photo

    Travel photo of the day- Wade Shepard and his Iceland bicycle travel set up. It looks like far too much gear, but enclosed is a week supply of food, water, spare bicycle parts, tools, webmaster gear, a full camping rig, and cooking equipment. There is a fine line between preparation and over preparation. Wade eventually [...]

  • Beach at Aqaba Jordan Photo

    Travel photo of the day- Beach at Aqaba, Jordan. The Red Sea is perfect for swimming — just watch for the sea urchins. Read all travel stories from Jordan.

  • Petra Shepard Wins First Award Photo

    Travel photo of the day- Petra Shepard won her first award at the Bangor state fair. It was a ribbon for petting the bunnies softly. She was proud of it and said, “Bubbie, take picture of Petra. Pretty ribbon, I love bunnies.”

  • Cockfight in the Dominican Republic Photo

    Travel photo of the day- The men, not the roosters, at cockfights in the Dominican Republic are the true show.