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Petra’s First Travel Tips Video

Petra makes her first YouTube video.

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My six year daughter Petra asked me today if she could make a travel tips video for kids who travel. I thought about it for a moment. Why not? It couldn’t possibly be any worse than anything I vlog on YouTube.

“Sure,” I said. “What do you want to do a travel tips video about?”

“I want to do it about why kids should stay with their parents when traveling.”

Sounded good.

I then explained the basic structure and execution of a travel tips video and recommended that she make a list of things to talk about.

She then wrote down three points that she wanted to cover, coming up with them all herself. I tried to make suggestions but she rejected them all. She had control of this thing — I’d like to think she learned a little something watching her dad talking to himself in front of a camera her entire life.

We then shot the video:

Really, not bad. She’s already received a higher likes to views ratio than I usually get . . .

I should probably keep her around.

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