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Petra Jordan Photos

Travel Photos from Petra Jordan

Travelers at Petra in Jordan PhotosTravelers at Petra in Jordan Pictures

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photo of the tombs of petra

Tombs of Petra.

bedouin at petra

Young Bedouin boy hanging out with travelers in Petra.

bedouin boy looking at my tattoos

Bedouin boy looking at my tattoos.

bedouin petra

Bedouin boy’s mother is nearby yelling at him to stop hanging out with me.

This boy’s name is Akhmed, he tried to trade me a rock for my ring. I declined.

Travelers at Petra in Jordan

traveler taking notes in petra

Traveler taking notes at Petra.

tourists in petra

Tourists with space ship hats walking through the desert on tours of Petra.

jordan desert

The Jordan desert.

tombs of petra

Tombs of Petra

traveler usa

Photo of a traveler from the USA at Petra in Jordan.