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Petra Hendele Adara Shepard

  • Attachment Disorder for Traveling Kids

    Attachment Disorder for Traveling Child or Petra Becoming a Third Culture Kid OAXACA, Mexico- Petra sat on the floor of the apartment and whimpered, “Bubbie, bubbie, vroom, vroom, se fue,” with a frown on her face and a tear in her eye. It has been three days since her grandmother returned to Maine from her [...]

  • Multilingual Language Learning Plan

    Language learning plan for a traveling child I realize that I am standing at the apex of a great experiment as I watch my one year and three month old daughter, Petra, learning Spanish and English as simultaneous first languages. Each day, she uses new words, all the time she is learning new word meanings. [...]

  • Bilingual Language Development

    A travelogue entry about the bilingual language development of a one year and three month old traveling child born to English speaking parents who has so far lived most of her life in Spanish speaking countries. SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- My daughter, Petra, has begun the long journey of language acquisition. She has [...]

  • Trick or Treating in Mexico

    A little pumpkin.

  • Traveling Baby Takes First Steps

    Petra is walking!

  • Travel With Baby in Guatemala

    RIO DULCE, Guatemala- “Hola Petra! Hola Petra!” is the call that we hear while walking down the streets here in Guatemala. If we are in a place for more than a day, the entire town has already met Petra, and they call out greetings to her whenever we pass. Petra usually kicks and coos and [...]

  • Dominican Concern for Traveling Baby

    Sosua, Dominican Republic- I often go for walk into the countryside outside of Sosua, in the Dominican Republic, with my six month old baby, Petra. The sun shines perennially here, it is a little hot. Thus being, the local people occasionally show concern for Petra when out on our hikes. It is good hearted, honest [...]

  • Consistent Life Good for Baby Good for Travelers

    I am a traveler, my life is remarkably consistent. It is the landscape that changes before me — like different movies being projected before a theater — but the semantics of my days are remarkable routine. I sit back and watch the world move before me. Traveling has become as normal as white rice. Staying [...]

  • Infants Become Overly Stimulated when Traveling

    Perception of an Infant and Traveling — I am now watching my three month old baby, Petra, adjust to the traveling life. She stays in a hotel in Payson, Arizona for three nights a week and then travels to another location for the remaining four days — sometimes Phoenix, sometimes Flagstaff, sometimes Sedona, sometimes Jerome. [...]

  • Babies are Made for Traveling

    I am a very lucky traveler, a very,very lucky traveler. The gamble was put forth: Chaya and I decided to have a baby 11 months ago, we decided to have a baby with whom we would continue our travels with. But what if our baby does not like traveling? This was a dangerous question. This [...]