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Petra Hendele Adara Shepard

  • Petra Shepard Climbs First Mountain

    My daughter, Petra, climb her first mountain on August 28, 2012. She was three years and two weeks old.

  • Chinese Culture can be Overwhelming for Expat Children

    Vagabondjourney.com is about real life. It’s about going into other cultures around the world to learn about them — and also to learn about ourselves. Not everything is going to go smoothly when living in any country, but it is often through the most onerous and irritating situations that the most valuable learning occurs. “I [...]

  • Celebrating a Birthday in China

    It was a real birthday party.

  • Three Year Old American Child Learning Chinese Mandarin in China

    “All of the kids speak Chinese. I don’t know what they’re saying,” my three year old daughter, Petra, spoke in frustration. While young children can learn languages far more adeptly and easily than adults, they don’t just learn them as though through osmosis. Learning foreign language is tough for kids too. Petra is struggling with [...]

  • Travel to Nanjing Alone With My Kid | Sunday Travel Story

    I’ve never been more scared to travel.

  • Petra Shepard is Becoming a Good Traveler

    “Petra, we are going to a new city today!” my wife spoke to our two and a half year old daughter, Petra. “A new city!?!” she said with excitement and then scampered off to fetch her Dora the Explorer backpack. With her purple rucksack on her back she ran to the door and put on [...]

  • The Attachment to Places for Traveling Children

    The Attachment to Places SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- The kid says she doesn’t want to leave. We tell her that we are going to China with big, intentionally constructed smiles on our faces. We act excited about China. But she knows exactly what China is: another place. She knows exactly what the Chinese [...]

  • Introducing Solid Foods and Baby Led Weaning

    When Petra was six months old, she started to seem interested in solid foods, and I began to do research about how to introduce them to her. Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a term that springs up on natural parenting books.

  • Spanish and English Bilingual Development

    Petra’s bilingual development at one year, 10 months Please watch this video of Petra’s Spanish and English bilingual abilities before reading the remainder of this entry Seven months ago, I published a video and travelogue entry about Petra’s initial foray into simultaneous bilingualism. Now, at the age of one year and 10 months, I’ve again [...]

  • Attachment Disorder for Traveling Kids

    Attachment Disorder for Traveling Child or Petra Becoming a Third Culture Kid OAXACA, Mexico- Petra sat on the floor of the apartment and whimpered, “Bubbie, bubbie, vroom, vroom, se fue,” with a frown on her face and a tear in her eye. It has been three days since her grandmother returned to Maine from her [...]