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Travels in Peru

I traveled to Peru in the winter of 2001/ 2002. I entered by land from Ecuador and traveled along the coast and then cut into the northern highlands at Chachapoyas before coming into the jungle at Yarimagus. From there I took a boat to a small village called Lagunas and stayed there in the Jungle for a long time before continuing by river up to Iquitos. I then flew to Pucallpa before traveling back across the Andes to one of my favorite places in the world: Bosque de Piedras. At that time it was just a little village without an inn near the rock outcrops. Made friends in the town and then carried on through the highlands to Lima. Submit links and comments to this page! Publish your relevant link, comment, or information below.

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Map of Peru
Map of Peru

The above map shows my travels in Peru. Peru is one of my favorite countries in the world.

Peru Travel Information:

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