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  • Packing for Travel? Do a Dry Run

    How to avoid one of travel’s biggest pitfalls: overpacking.

  • Travel With Children Packing Tips

    The following tips are for the somewhat arduous task of packing for family travel. As always, the basic rule of travel packing applies: Make a pile of everything you think that you’re absolutely going to need for your travels on the floor, then only pack half of it. Here are some tips from Chaya Shepard, [...]

  • Long Term Family Travel Means Lots of Gear

    SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- The drawings and pictures of a two year old girl have been peeled off the wall. The crayon drawn Christmas tree which sat next to the crayon drawn menorah have joined their brethren in the trash. The floor of the apartment is strewn with toys, dirty clothes, random tidbits [...]

  • Dolly Cart to Transport Travel Gear

    Dolly Cart Long Term Travel Gear I was smacked in the face by the realization that I no longer travel to see places but travel to live places. There is a big difference. My family now makes temporary homes in serial succession as we trod a slow path around the world, and our travel gear [...]

  • Tote Bag For Backpacking Travel

    FINCA TATIN, jungle, Guatemala- It is perhaps a misconception that a backpacker needs a backpack to travel. In reality, any adequate size, sturdy bag will do. Before going traveling it seems as if most young travelers jump for a hiking backpack as a rule, the traveler roads of the planet are chock full of this [...]

  • How to Pack for a Baby to Travel

    “5 pairs of pants, 8 little onezi t-shirts, a cold weather hat, a sun hat that fits her right now, a sun hat that is too big for her now but she will grow into, 4 pairs of one piece pajamas, at least 2 jackets or sweaters, maybe I will take a third one, 2 [...]