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One Week Two Laptops Broken

One Week Two Laptops BrokenWhenever I find myself in times of trouble, I make an attempt at self-consolation by repairing my travel gear.I cleaned and mink oiled my boots and vest today.My two laptops are both broken.————–Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Brooklyn, New York City- October 20, 2008Travelogue — Travel Photos ————–The first, Old Faithful, [...]

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One Week Two Laptops Broken

Whenever I find myself in times of trouble, I make an attempt at self-consolation by repairing my travel gear.

I cleaned and mink oiled my boots and vest today.

My two laptops are both broken.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Brooklyn, New York City- October 20, 2008
Travelogue Travel Photos

The first, Old Faithful, my old Dell, was leant to my parents, who wanted a smaller computer to set up in their home instead of their humungous desktop PC. I offered it to them, but it did not last long. A mug of coffee laying within far too close a proximity to the computer was dumped upon the keyboard by my baby sister.

Two traveling laptops broken in one week.

After two years of international travel, after two years of holding up to the rigors of the Road, Old Faithful was fried in the comfort of a highly domestic and static home. The irony almost made me laugh.

“Accidents happen,” I told my mother without much real concern. My trusty Asus Eee PC was still running strong.

Not anymore.

For some reason my Eee PC keeps loosing the empty space on its internal hard drive. For the past two weeks I continually deleted programs and have not added anything to it. There should be more than enough space for it to run properly, but the drive keeps filling up on its own. I have gone through the game of deleting programs a half dozen times now, only to have it mysteriously filling back up again. I cannot delete anymore programs, but the hard drive is again full. I do not know why this is happening.

The main problem with this is that as soon as there is no more empty space on the internal hard drive Windows ceases to function properly. In point, my word documents are being permanently scrambled halfway through writing them, none of my remaining programs are working properly, and everything seems to be at the edge of all-out, total collapse.

I called Asus tech support, and, after hearing a string of technical mumble, I was told that the only thing that I can do is a complete system restore. The only problem is that the Asus Eee PCs do not have disk drives and, as I bought my laptop off of the floor of a Best Buy, I never received the restore disk.

The tech support guy lovingly told me that I can purchase the restore disk from Asus for $30, and I have no idea how much an external CD drive costs.

The only thing that I want is a computer that will work properly so that I can attempt to etch out a living publishing this friggin website. But I suppose life would not be interesting if it were not thick with trials, problems, and challenges. “Adventure only happens when things go wrong.”

“Life is weird, you should not expect it to be any other way,” the anthropologist, Kathleen Modrowski, told me this morning as I began to air my woes.

Another needless hurdle has just been set up for me to plow through like all of the rest.

But, as G says, “Don’t feel sorry for yourself.”

Two broken laptops in one week.

Bothered, but with freshly oiled boots and vest.

At least my AlphaSmart NEO is still kicking.

Taking the Asus Eee PC to the doctors.

Walking Slow.

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One Week Two Laptops Broken
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