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On China 24, Quartz, And Mentioned In The Diplomat

Some recent media engagements. Yeah, that talking head, that’s me.

I’m riding another wave of media engagements right now. For some reason, they seem to ebb and flow like tides — I will have all kinds of them for a while and then they will simmer down for a while and then pick back up again. I don’t really do anything to promote myself or to seek these engagements. I just do my work, and that’s about it. 

I went live on China Central Television’s international channel’s popular show China 24 last week. I talked about trains, China’s new strategic use of IP, and how the country has emerged as a global leader in technological innovation — something which many refuse to believe. 

I was also interviewed by Quartz for this excellent article here:

Looking for Westworld, Head East

The Diplomat also mentioned my book about China’s ghost cities (although the reference is a little off the mark — that book was precisely about places like the new city in Lianyungang). 

Lianyungang is actually where my New Silk Road journey began way back in 2012. While doing research for another story I stumbled on a Wikipedia article about something that was then called the New Eurasian Land Bridge. I have to admit that I that time I did have a vague notion of traveling that route from Lianyungang to Rotterdam, but I had no idea that I would someday spend two full years on half a dozen of such trans-Eurasian corridors. 

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