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  • What is Gomerpyleville, Western Australia?

    America’s old military outpost in Western Australia.

  • The Highs and Lows of a Day at an Australian Protest

    Following the election of a conservative government, a peaceful, non-partisan group of Australian citizens decided to organize a nationwide protest against the policies of the federal government. March in March was a chance for citizens  to express their disagreement over the governments decisions.  Vagabond Journey was there to see what they had to say.

  • How to Make the Most of Your Travels, Get to Amazing Places, and Meet Interesting People

    A look into an easy way to make the most of your travels, get to amazing places, and meet interesting people.

  • What the Super Bowl Means to the Traveler

    The Super Bowl comes each year, and each time it does it marks our place on the map, showing how far we’ve come since the last big game.

  • Hopping Trains in Australia

    It was late summer in the southern hemisphere and I had been traveling in Australia for only two weeks when a friend told me about IronFest. Nothing sounded better to me than jousting, battle reenactments and blacksmithing in the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney, so I was off. I bid my friends in [...]

  • Hitchhiking in Australia

    Hitchhiking is an excellent way to get around the land way down under.

  • Work in Australia

    Work in Australia Food service industry jobs are relatively easy to come by in the larger cities in Australia, as well as work in youth hostels. Look for harvest or farm work during certain seasons. If you don’t have a work permit for Australia, it’s possible that you will still be able to find under-the-table [...]

  • Good places in Australia

    Depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for, Australia has a lot to offer. For those interested in spending time in cities, you might travel along the east coast of Australia where most of the major population centers are located. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are all amazing cities that are easy to travel between [...]

  • Tattoos in Australia

    It’s easy to find reputable, professional and clean tattoo parlors throughout Australia’s larger cities. Like in any city, you will find different levels of skill and artists who have different styles of tattooing depending on the shop you’re visiting. Do a bit of research and find a shop that specializes in custom pieces rather than [...]

  • Air Travel to Australia

    Air travel to Australia can easily be your largest expense. Flying during the off-season can help cut your travel costs in half. Also, searching for airline deals directly on an airlines website can be the best way to find a cheap ticket. Due to New Zealand’s proximity to Australia (OZ), travel to OZ commonly includes [...]