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Washington DC

  • Washington DC: Portrait Of A Capital City Washington DC

    Another film project takes me to Washington.

  • Code Pink Female Acivists Washington DC

    Code Pink Washington DC Women Activists “Kill them with kindness is the Code Pink way.” “Our congress has let us down,” spoke a pink clad woman who goes by the name of Miss Liz Hourican. Her blond hair was cut short and she spoke with almost obsessive excitement about the mission of the female activist [...]

  • Two Vagabonds Lobby the US Congress

    Two Vagabonds Lobby the US Congress After leaving the office of the Quaker lobbyists in the hotbed of Washington DC, Chaya and I did not have much of a care in the world for anything, especially politics. We learned a few lessons, but I cannot say that we were inspired by the blue shirted, warheaded [...]

  • How to Lobby Congress

    How to Lobby Congress “We did this job by walking across the street and saying, ‘We think this is a bad idea.” I was sitting with Chaya in the office of an organization of Quaker lobbyists in Washington DC. A man with a cone-head and bright blue shirt walked into the board room and introduced [...]

  • Vagabond Goes to Washington

    Vagabond Goes to Washington I am told that policy decisions made by the government of the United States of America are highly influenced by issue-based lobbyists and snot-nosed legislative aids. It has been suggested that the politicians that Americans vote for are often times nothing other than smiling faced, figure heads of the political machine, [...]

  • Travel to DC and Richmond VA

    Travel to Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia Made a quick run down to Washington DC and Richmond over the past five days. Did a bunch of interviews with writers, poets, and lobbyists, activist, and political weirdos, met a bunch of good people, had a stupid adventure crossing the James River like a moron, and have [...]