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Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico Vacation Ends

    I have to admit that I’ve been taking these yearly family vacations mixed in with the regular steady stream of travel. This year’s vacation just came to an end.

  • Short-Term Apartment Rental Changing Travel

    I kind of resist getting on the new trends in travel. I have my old ways, they work, and I seldom have any real need to change them. But once in a while something comes up that rattles everything. Short-term apartment rental sites, like Air B&B, or those like Booking.com which offer short-term apartment rentals [...]

  • Vega Alta, Puerto Rico

    I take a break from Central Asia and go to a beach in Puerto Rico.

  • Family Arrives In Puerto Rico

    My family meets me in Puerto Rico.

  • Arrival In Puerto Rico

    It took me nearly 18 years of travel to finally make it to Puerto Rico.

  • From Central Asia To Puerto Rico (Of All Places)

    Going back to the real world from the “other world.” Leaving Central Asia, on my way to . . . Puerto Rico. Seriously.